Anti bullying week

Hey guys.

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front these last few weeks – I have been stuck in a dark funk, and if I am honest I haven’t even tried to get out of it.

I see a tiny speck of light at the end of my dark tunnel – I will reach it soon.

But I am not here to talk about my troubles.

I am here today to talk about bullying.

This week is Anti bullying week.

Bella’s school are wearing blue today for anti bullying week.

I have always tried to teach Bella that we should be kind to everyone.

Which is an important lesson that we should all teach our children – because I believe that thoughts and ideas of how we treat others should begin when we are young.

Having been on the receiving end of bullies – I know how it can break a person.

It can make you feel so small and so worthless.

It can push you to your breaking point.

Make you feel like you have weights around your neck on daily basis.

Why should anyone have to deal with that?

To go through that everyday.

It breaks my heart to hear of those who have been bullied to the brink of suicide – some very young children have taken their lives.

It makes me feel physically sick that I live in a society where bullying is still seemingly socially acceptable.

It gets filmed and posted on YouTube for the world to see.

When did it become on to be a bystander or to even film someone elses pain?

I realise I am only one person – not much that I say will change how things are as a whole.

But it’s a start right?!

If I don’t say anything my opinion will never be heard.

Because bullying happens all around in many shapes and forms – its not just physical bullying.

Unfortunately adults bully too. I don’t really want to go into the whole trump thing – but i think you get my point.

Bullying is wrong.

Bullying hurts people.

Words hurt people.

Hate hurts people.

We need to be someone who builds others up and not one who tears them down.

It starts with kindness. It starts with a thought.

Think before you act.

FMF – journey

Do you know what? 

I wrote the title of this blog post on Friday and then poof! No ideas!

Literally couldn’t think of anything, it was incredibly frustrating.

I really hate having writers block…
But as I sit here with a glass of wine in my hand, with the kids in bed I think I got it 😊

Joining in with kate and her linkup of lovely bloggers for five minutes of free writing.

This week’s prompt is journey

Ready, set, go
Life is a journey.

Everyday is a new challenge.

But sometimes it’s easy to forget that life is a journey.

Often I will get stuck in a rut or get stressed out about the little things.

In fact I stress about the little things a lot.

For example trying to toilet train Ariana before she starts school has been a nightmare. A fist clenching, hair pulling nightmare.

It took months. Months of accidents, uti’s and poop fear.

Yes you read that right! Poop fear. So much so that she ended up constipated.

And during her toilet training journey I stupidly compared it with toilet training Bella – who took 2 weeks.

Doing so I caused myself more stress. I felt like a failure.

What I failed to realise was that – this was part of Ariana’s journey. Her journey of growing up.

And I probably stressed her out – fairly certain I was giving off vibes of stress-ness.

You know when you can feel someone’s energy?!

Anyway I am going off on a tangent.

Once I realised it was her journey that she would complete in her own time – we were onto a winner.

And interestingly she got there on her own. 

She just got it, it clicked.

She completed her journey in her own time – I didn’t need to push her there.

Our lives are a journey.

A series of moments, memories and lessons that we learn throughout our lives.

We will learn and live in so many ways 

But we can’t rush ourselves to complete our journey – take your time.

Journeys aren’t meant to be rushed.

Enjoy the view, take it slow. 

Get there in your own time.

FMF – park

I am doing so rubbish at writing at the moment – and I don’t even know why.

I can’t get my brain into gear – one of my plans for next year is to work a bit harder at blogging.

Which also means I have been missing out on five minute friday – which I also plan to rectify.

As usual I am joining in with kate and her linkup of lovely writers.

Here we are with this week’s prompt

Ready, set, go
What do I think of when I hear the word park?

Well several things I suppose –

1. A park is a place you can visit

2. It’s a turn of phrase – like “parenting is no walk in the park”

3. It’s also something a do with my car 😂

I tell you what though “park” is not an easy topic to write about!

I am going to go with number 2 this time I think 😊

Parenting –

It’s all fun and games when you are expecting (to a degree), even the first year of bubba’s life is not so bad –

However then begins the walking – which means stair climbing, cupboard emptying, running away from you in supermarkets 😂

Talking – which means yelling, screaming, excessive use of the word “no”, arguing and generally just being a pain lol!

If they have a sibling – fighting, hair pulling, pinching…

My youngest daughter has just started throwing crazy tantrums where she will throw toys and things across the room.

Don’t get me wrong I love my babies dearly – but nobody tells you how hard it is to be a parent.

It is no walk in the park that’s for certain!

Mental health awareness – anxiety + depression

Hey there loves.

This week was mental health awareness day, and I wanted to write a post on it – but unfortunately Ariana has been really ill and it stressed me out a great deal.

Which unfortunately made my anxiety levels pretty high.

Tuesday was a particularly bad day for me. 

So I kind of shut myself off, you know.

I am not going to say I am entirely out if it because I am not – in fact I even ordered a good delivery because I literally didn’t want to immerse myself in a crowd of people.

Ironically I cut myself off from people – but then I feel alone.

It’s a horrible, vicious circle.

As Ellis Grey once said – the carousel never stops turning.

Incredibly accurate words.

I have been suffering this way for years.

It’s not as simple as being able to switch of my depression.

Mental health is not as simple as using an on/off switch.

It’s easy enough to paint on the smile – I do it everyday.

But then the problem I find is the painted smile is enough to make a person believe that you are just having a ‘bad’ day.

That because I have a family and children I have nothing to be depressed about.

Because apparently if you have these things – a husband, a home, children – then I have no reason to be depressed.

I sometimes wish it were that simple.

But it’s not.

It is an ongoing battle.

My mind is fighting daily with my thoughts. Thoughts of not being good enough, of being a waste of space.

I am not the only one who fights the inner struggle.

Which I guess is the point here.

You can walk by a person on the street who is completely put together – but you don’t know what is going on inside.

We must never judge on appearance alone – 

Anyone can suffer from depression and anxiety.

You don’t have to have had a bad childhood or a traumatic past to suffer.

I always try to look at people with kindness and to never assume anything about them

Never judge a book by it’s cover yes?!

The other thing is the stigma surrounding mental health.

People hear the word ‘depression’ and immediately roll their eyes and brush it off.

Because it isn’t an illness right?!


It is a debilitating illness.





And sometimes fatal.

It is that painful that some suffers take to suicide in order to end their pain.

We need to break the stigma surrounding this illness – try to help save lives.

Reach out and help those who are in pain.

No matter how many times i say I am fine, I am not.

If someone reached out I would grab on with both hands and never let go.

Having someone say “it’s OK I am here for you” is an incredible thing.

If you know someone, anyone who suffers

Help them, reach out, be their person.
Let’s break the stigma.

FMF – test

Hey guys.

Sorry for my absence.

The last few weeks have been a blue if I am honest, and I have neglected the favourite part of my week – and for that I am sorry.

So I am back baby!

First off I will give a quick rundown of my week.

Started off pretty good. Then had to take Ariana to the doctor because (excuse the tmi) she won’t poop!

Then we got told about the school doing an international day – in the interest of spending no money I made it myself 😊 

I hope you can tell she is a Roman 😉

I am really pleased with how it turned out! Not bad for stuff I found around the house 😊

Then today…oh today! But I will get to that shortly.
So now it’s Friday and I am back to FMF.

Joining in with kate and her weekly linkup of writers.

This week’s prompt – test
Ready, set, go
Oh man I have had my fair share of tests.

I think we all have am I right?!

Today for example should have been an average Friday – send Bella off to school and go food shopping..easy right?!


I ended up having to race Ariana back to the doctors as I worried that she was having a bad reaction to her medicine.

On coming back my sister offered to look after Ariana so I could go shopping.

Great right?!

About an hour in to my shop I got a message saying she had projectile vomited everywhere..Joy!

Panic ensued my end – phone calls back to the doctor who determined she has a bladder infection – hello antibiotics! Which meant having to swing by the doctors and pharmacy before heading home.

That was today’s test.

I think sometimes motherhood has its daily challenges – am I right?

There is no such thing as a simply day 😊

This kind of thing I always struggle with – mainky because of my fear of vomit!

But it raises my stress level immensely.

I realise there are so many people around the world that are enduring trials and tests right now – mine may be considered trivial in comparison.

But my heart and prayers is always with them.

Though we may endure trials daily – we must remember Jehovah and Jesus are always with us.