Blog challenge day 1…5 things about myself

So I am giving this whole challenge thing a try..starting with 5 things about myself. Now I am not exactly great at talking about myself…I tend to ramble really well….OK number 1. I am the middle child of 6 children…mostly brothers…
I have to admit growing up as a middle child was always a bit awkward for I am sure it is for most middle children, but our family unit came together in a bit of a complicated way..which I will not bore you with now, but it always made me feel a bit forgotten and inferior..although I grew up into the crazy lady that my friends (seem) to like 🙂 if not slightly irritating ( no comments needed here Mr cruse!!)
2. I am a natural red head..and I like it 🙂
It has taken me a while to embrace my red hair..and I mean years! Through my school years I was bullied because of my hair so I spent a long time dyeing my hair in a variety of shades..I am pretty sure I have been every colour of the rainbow 🙂 I still dye my hair today…but now its in a variety of red shades 🙂
3. I am a huge fan of musical theatre
When I was 12 I used it as a form of escape from my everyday life, so I would shut myself away in my room and watch films on my video player..yes I know I am old 🙂 but I would sit in my room singing the songs and memorising the first experience of watching a musical movie is watching the wizard of oz at my name house when I was 9..and I still remember the songs today 🙂
4. I love singing
Anyone who knows me knows this is true, if someone so much as thinks the word karaoke and I am there 🙂 let’s just put it this way I don’t need an fact right now I am watching a repeat of the x factor and singing over the auditionees 🙂
5. My girls are my passion
I still feel new to motherhood to be honest even though my oldest is 3 now, I have days where I feel inferior compared to other mums..and I feel a bit low but who doesn’t,  surely not every mum wakes up everyday feeling amazing?! Or maybe they do and I am the odd one in the mix but hey I have been odd all my life so why change now 🙂 but I see my girls everyday and everyday they do something new that makes me think wow I am truly blessed..and then I wake up 😀 just kidding, they are my world and I love them.
And that is it blog number one in my challenge, now I am fully aware that today is September 2nd and I am a day behind but what are you going to do 🙂 this is me signing off for today ❤

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