Embrace your individuality <3

Day 3 – Some useful advice that has taken me a long time to really ingrain in my mind…
‘just be yourself, that’s all you can be…be the best you that you can be’
I never really believed these words when I was younger, I always tried to conform to everybody else’s perception of how a young girl should be and act. I tried (and failed) to dress how others dressed, act how others acted…basically like carbon copies of each other..
But I say embrace your individuality.. Passed a certain age I started experimenting with different looks…and to be honest I don’t think I have just one look when it comes to my style..I like to mix it up..because I don’t think there is only one way to be.

When I was 11 I used to dress up as belle from beauty and the beast and recreate scenes in my back garden..and I never felt embarrassed..because why should I?!

Now I am a little older, I don’t feel the same need to conform..I feel these words work well for me because I always found it hard to fit in..as do a lot of teens, and adults today..
I will be imparting these words of wisdom on my daughters so they do not suffer the struggles that I and today’s children feel/felt.

So please embrace who you are, embrace your crazy, wacky side…embrace your wicked sense of humour..your individual dress sense..embrace you..love who you are, even if others don’t 🙂

This is me signing off….

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