Meeting the love of my life <3

OK so today’s assignment on the old blogtember is to write about a time that you life took a distinct turn…
So I am going to be incredibly cliché and I am going to talk about when I met my husband.
So here goes…I was 18 and had just begun working in a supermarket in town..I had been there a few months when my husband began working as the store security guard ( what can I say I have a thing for uniforms he he!!)
We started seeing each other almost immediately and the chemistry was amazing..he was the complete opposite of me..but people say opposites attract 🙂

I had these ideas that I would go to uni to study performing arts and I had dreams of a career in the west end.. Since I was a little girl ❤

Now we courted for a few years and when I was 20 he proposed to me..after making me climb up a cliff first! And trust me I wouldn’t do that for just anyone 🙂 I never really believed in fate, but he is the love of my life.
We got married when I turned 21 ( I never thought that I would be married so young either) and went to the Dominican republic for our honeymoon ( Hubby’s idea!) He is really adventurous.. The opposite of me!
6 and a half years later we have two girls and a house with a mortgage!!
And thanks to my husband I have been a dedicated Jehovah’s witness for 3 years ( I was never really a religious person before)
If anyone had said to me 10 years ago that by 27 I would be happily married with 2 kiddies under 4 I would have been like..girl please!!

And the rest they say is history 🙂 ( I could go on but I paraphrased)
Love of my life 🙂


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