how have i changed in a week?!

So today’s subject is an interesting one for me, as I have only just recently joined up to the blogosphere….
But I feel personally that it is allowing me to write about myself in a way that I never thought I could. I have always enjoyed writing.. Stories, little poems, songs…you name it. But I have never been very adept at writing about myself, but I have felt as though it would be much good putting my loopy thoughts down in writing before.

Now although it has only been a week of doing so, I already feel as though I opening up a bit more..whereas before  I have always been very closeted about pretty much everything!
It almost feels writing down my thoughts and feelings in a diary (that people globally can read)
But I say that I have been on instagram for a short period of time and I feel really excited if I take a good photo that I can share on my it me or did that sound a bit silly?! And although I am only just getting in to photography, I feel that it is a great way to share such things 🙂

I have always been thoroughly worried about privacy factors and all that jazz and now I write a blog…hmm some may call that irony!

So how has it changed me..well it has made a bit more open, and a little more confidence in what I can do as regards wring things about myself. 🙂
So that’s about me…


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