dear facebook friends..

Dear Facebook friends,

1. Please stop the random, sweary posts –
There is no need for it let’s be honest. Do we really need to know about how difficult your drive was to work filled with a bunch of expletives?! Language like that will get you a swift kick with the block button.

2. Old school friends –
Just because I was in the same year as you at school does not mean that you need to add me! Call me irrational if you like but it is very annoying…when I haven’t seen you in 10 years its pretty obvious that I probably don’t remember you.

3. When I send you a message –
Now this really gets my goat…when I send you a message and it is pretty obvious that you have received and read said message, I beg of you to please just have the decency to reply. It doesn’t have to be a lot just a little courtesy.. Manners cost nothing 🙂

4. Picture posts –
Now I am not heartless, but I feel that posting things about poorly children and saying if you don’t hit the like button you are obviously a heartless and awful person is very unnecessary. People that post things saying ‘if this gets a certain amount of likes such and such (insert famous name here) will donate thousands of pounds to the cause’ this again is silly, because I don’t think it is true…sorry!

And that is all for today, load off my chest 🙂


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