soundtrack of my life

I love to write about music, because it is something that since I was a child has always cheered me up when I am feeling low.
I have taken quite a bit of time thinking about this…so bear with me.
These first few songs/artists were from a period in my life when I had discovered I could remember lyrics, and I used to go to my friends houses and we would sing loudly upstairs…
Madonna – the immaculate collection
Celine Dion – think twice
I can practically see people rolling their eyes at this but..its a childhood memory.
My teen years were practically filled with angst (cliché I know)

Greenday, Nirvana, linkin park, blink 182, etc…

But nowadays my music has come down a few notes…ie less angsty and noise pollution (dads words not mine) are just a few favourites –
Alfie boe – bring him home  – this song and his voice calms me.. I listened to this on my way  the hospital whilst in labour!
Karen carpenter – now  – I adore this song, it is beautiful, slightly haunting but beautiful.
Emeli sande – clown  – this song is extra special as it was on whilst I was giving birth to Ariana
Hayley westenra  – no specific song really, my husband made a CD of her music for me when we were dating 🙂
Sarah McLaughlin – angel  – love her voice 🙂
Emmy rossum – think of me – I have fond memories of watching this movie, and I would put the whole soundtrack if I could.
Samantha barks – on my own – I love this song for many reasons of which I won’t bore you with now 🙂  maybe some other time.

If I don’t stop now I will keep going…so I must stop 🙂
Happy Friday bloggers 🙂

love me some books :-)

Books…books are a passion of mine, always have been.
I have done a book post on a previous occasion, so today I thought I would mention my second favourite.
I came across this book at a car boot sale in 1997 at the age of 11 (so just before I started secondary school) and along with Jane Eyre is a book that changed me.
Its called little women by Louisa may Alcott, I can’t say how often I have read because I just don’t know..a lot I guess 🙂
But anyone that has not read it yet, really should!!

Another quick one 🙂

favourite teacher :-)

So I realise I am a tad behind with blogember, I had a slight lack of internet!! Grr!!
Well that being said let’s have a catch up…

My favourite teacher – for me it has to be a teacher I had in primary school, I believe I mentioned a while back about how small my school was…my teacher used to teach about 3 year groups at the same time. That being said, her love and caring for each pupil was so great. She took the time to help everyone individually. This was when I enjoyed school, secondary school..the teachers didn’t care so much. I thought it was wonderful that people cared so much.

Just a quick one 🙂

love letter…to me.

Well this is interesting… I couldn’t have imagined writing this letter 10 years ago. Before marriage and kids, your mind was in a totally different space.
You have suffered, sure. You have felt the pain of loss, the anguish of grief.. But you are still here. There were times when you contemplated things, thinking that no one would miss you..that no one would care. But you didn’t give in to any thoughts that came into your mind.
Contrary to what you believe, you are strong, you are tough..and by gum you are a survivor.
You are now in a good place, mentally. No matter how badly you feel about yourself, you know that you are here for a reason, for you family..for your girls.
You are you,
You are crazy (in a good way)
You are wonderful,
You are kind,
You are loving,
Your life has meaning.

Never doubt yourself.


what i am grateful for :-)

Today is 20 things you are grateful for, now I had to be picky…but I wanted to put more 🙂

1) my husband
2) my girls (and lil peanut)
3) Jehovah
4) music
5) books
6) Starbucks iced caramel macchiato
7) rainbows
8) sunsets
9) California beaches (beautiful sand!)
10) hair dye 🙂
11) being able to drive
12) beautiful scenery
13) the miracle of birth (yes I am crazy!)
14) my memory
15) the night sky…full of stars
16) nature and animals
17) flowers…particularly sunflowers
18) Alfie boe…<3 his voice
19) the time spent with my family
20) my friends ( you know who you are )

That’s my 20, I could give you more 🙂
Happy Monday ❤

bucket list – in reverse

This is very interesting, trying to think of things that I have done (that i am proud of)
There are so many things I still aim to achieve, and what appears to be few that I actually have. However that being said…

Get married
Start a family
Visit Hawaii
Visit California
Pass my driving test
Be baptised a Jehovah’s witness
Buy a house
Take Bella to California (yet to take Ariana)
Go whale watching (grey whales)
Go walking in the lake district (big mountains)
Try surfing
Meet the Disney princesses (yes yes I know)
Teach myself photography
Upload a video online of myself singing (scary)
Start a blog

And that is it for me..
Happy sunday ❤

10 places i would love to visit

This prompt has sparked something in me that says – you need a holiday!! But ah well…not for a while 🙂
That being said it was tough to choose just 10 places I would love to visit..but here they are 🙂

1) Tuscany, Italy

2) giant’s causeway, Ireland

3) Grand canyon

4) New York

5) New Zealand

6) St Lucia

7) Australia

The last 3 are places I have been, but would give a left arm to go back to…

8) San Clemente, California

9) Waikiki, Hawaii

10) Laguna beach, California

And that’s my 10, I look forward to adding new ones after reading all the other posts on this prompt 🙂
Enjoy the weekend.