5 fave blogs

As you are all aware by now..yes I am slightly behind with my daily blog…whence why I have done all 3 today.
So I am to choose 5 favourite blogs… Which could prove tricky as I am still quite new to this whole thing, but anyway here goes.

1) story of my life.
The writer of this blog is jenni. I came across this lovely blog whilst searching for a September challenge. Her photographs are beautiful, some lovely family portraits and newborn photographs. If I lived in America I would have her photograph my girls without a doubt 🙂 well worth reading!

2) deecoded.
I came across this only recently, written by a lady named dee. It has some lovely and informative travelogues, including Singapore and the Philippines. Giving you some snippets of tourist info and some places worth a visit. Includes some lovely pictures.

3) the tale of a mermaid.
A lovely blog written by a writer and surfer named Devon (love that name). She is from one of the places that I truly love visiting!! (Well jel)…apart from that she has some wonderful travel pieces..my favourite of which is Hawaii 🙂 the photos are amazing (yes yes my name is Charlotte and I am a photoholic) she describes the places in a lovely way 🙂  I also love the surfing info and videos..I love surfing but don’t surf!! Go figure lol 🙂

4) Kristie was here.
Written by..you guessed it Kristie. This is a cute blog, she has a bucket list, and I have to say so many things have been crossed off which is really good!! Deffo worth reading 🙂

5) lost in travels
Written by Chelsea. Now I know you lovely people can guess what this blog is about 🙂 I love to read about new places that our family can visit, and this blog doesn’t disappoint.. Full of lovely info and yes beautiful photos!! If you love travel, take a peek at this blog 🙂

And that’s it for me today,
Hope you enjoyed..


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