freedom is…

Freedom is warm, freedom is loving. By this I mean that freedom is a wonderful thing it allows us to make our own decisions, to live life the way we choose.
Although some may take freedom a little too far, that is just something that happens. Sometimes we may feel closeted in by many things in rules…our parents…school, but this does not stop the fact that we all have freedom.
I love how freedom allows me opportunity to teach my girls myself if I so choose…knowing this is a wonderful thing.
I like how I can now take my car out and see friends if I want too ( I have only just passed my test..yes yes I know) but being able to drive and living in the middle of nowhere is a huge deal!!
I an probably taking freedom out of context but, also for me becoming a Jehovah’s witness has allowed me an immense amount of so many ways. but just knowing that Jehovah is there for me when I need him and that he will help me during any trials that we face. Jehovah is my freedom. He has given me the freedom from Satan’s world. 🙂
And that’s my 5 mins up 🙂


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