a day in my life…thursday.

This is just a rough view of an average day for me…

I got up 7.30 – got Bella breakfast and fed Ariana.. Got them both dressed and ready to leave for 8.40. Dropped Bella off at cylch feithrin (pre school) for 9.15

Get home put ariana down for a nap and did my chores..hoovering… Dusting..all the fun stuff. Then I go to pick Bella up by 11.45 ( and my hubby says I do nothing lol!!)
Asked Bella what she did had school…had a snack mummy!! Really that’s it?!

Get home give Ariana lunch, then Bella. Washed the dishes and put Ariana down for an afternoon nap.
She gets up about 3.00 at which point I get to have a cup of tea.
Then its feeding time for Ariana… Again!!
5pm my hubby gets home and I get dinner on…

Last feed for Ariana and bed by 7pm. Get Bella ready and in bed by 7.30.
Wash the dishes again and make the next days feeds up for ariana .
Catch up on some recorded TV with a snack and bed by 11pm

That’s about it 🙂 sounds a lot I know…but just an average day 🙂


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