top 5 apps

I am a little behind with my days..oopsy my bad!!
But hey here is yesterdays challenge…
My 5 favourite apps

1) cymera
This is a little photo editing app…granted it doesn’t edit on an enormous degree but it does lovely stuff all the same. I can even make collages and put photos of me and my girls at the same age to compare!! Because I am weird that way 🙂

2) stumble upon
Is a cute little app where you type in your interests and it brings up allsorts of stories and wonderful also has things that are trending. I came across a really cool article on some photographs of people just randomly jumping up in the air or doing dance moves… Well I liked it 🙂

3) pinterest
My hubby always tells me that he thinks I am the only person that uses pinterest…but I know he is wrong lol!
I like it because I found some wonderful ideas on what I could paint on my girls bedroom wall…among other things. It is really surprising how much stuff it actually on there =)

4) instagram
Now I like this app because it allows me to take photos on my camera and then upload them almost immediately as I have to accounts..personal and well you get the picture.

5) aquafresh brush time
This is more for my daughter it allows to learn about why brushing here teeth is important and it has a little timer to make sure she does 2 mins. Also when she dies the whole 2 mins she gets points which she can use to purchase outfits for the characters.

And that’s all from me…well until I do today’s one.


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