fave online shops :-)

So unfortunately I am a day behind, as yesterday we had a very poorly Bella. So you will get 2 posts from me today!!

First on the agenda is – top 5 online shops.
Here goes…
This site has been a favourite of mine for many a moon.. Mainly because I have a slight problem where I buy lots of DVDs! Yes yes my name is Charlotte and I am a filmaholic!! They are really reasonably priced.
Now I am sure most people know what this website sells so I won’t bore you with the details. But since my sister started selling Avon I kinda fell in love with it..and I don’t even wear makeup.. Go figure 🙂 
This is a nice website, with some cute and quirky items. The quirkiest of which being a beard warmer of all things 🙂

4) http://www.jellybabys.co.uk
This is an adorable kiddy clothes site. Adorable little dresses, shoes and things for your little one. You can even make personalised blankets and things..which is too cute 🙂

5) http://www.Bennettcards.co.uk
This is a favourite of mine, it is run by fellow Jehovah’s witnesses and had some lovely stuff. I come here to get my convention notepads and year diaries. The items are beautiful and well made. The cards especially are wonderful for baptisms, engagements etc and always have wonderful scriptures 🙂

That’s it for now I am afraid, more from me later today.
Keep smiling 🙂


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