desert island discs

I have been contemplating this for a few hours and I think I have my top 3… Before you ask yes it does require this much effort.
As the above says this is Alfie boe – storyteller. It was incredibly hard for me to choose between his albums, but this one I love. I could listen to this man’s voice all me if you haven’t heard if him then please YouTube him. My favourite on this album is ‘it’s over’..absolutely incredible..nuff said 🙂 
I have been a massive fan of green day since my secondary school years, So this for me is a no brainer. However this is my favourite of all their albums. ‘Boulevard of broken dreams’, ‘are we the waiting’ and ‘wake me up when September ends’ to name but a few.
Now I was never really a fan of Jessie j when she brought out her first song ‘do it like a dude’ however after listening to the full album..I actually really love her music. Some really cool songs on here, so many I can’t choose 🙂 
If I could choose more album’s I would..but I can’t so that’s me done for today 🙂 
Have a good one


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