unstoppable – inner strength

Today is day 10 and I have been thinking about today’s prompt, and wondering what on earth I could put down.. I am still not sure, and if I take the word “unstoppable” out of context please forgive me.
So here goes nothing.

Now you will have to forgive me for being a tad repetitive on this subject..but I am 27 years old, and many of my friends say I have been through a lot. Now I have never really felt any self pity on a personal level, because I have always been of the mind that so many people in the world have been through many trials and are still standing…so why can’t I?!
That being said I try greatly to not remember my childhood previous to 1991..as my memories are slightly hazy, but that of bring driven away from the scene of my fathers death in a police car.
However, I do feel unstoppable now..now that I have my girls and a lovely family unit. I suppose you view things in a certain way when tragedy strikes a family. I want my girls to grow up knowing that if you feel a certain way about something or if you have the desire then you should feel ‘unstoppable’ to a certain degree.
In another view when I first started studying as a Jehovah’s witness before my girls were born. I suffered a miscarriage, which ultimately devastated me, on level’s I never thought possible. But I hid from the world, until one day I sat alone staring into space..and I said Charlotte what are you doing?!
I suppose when I eventually left the house I felt unstoppable in a different way, that no matter what happens or gets thrown at me I just keep going.
I think that sometimes I hide how I feel and I yet I still keep going.
My lesson : Keep the inner strength ❀

That’s me


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