what i am grateful for :-)

Today is 20 things you are grateful for, now I had to be picky…but I wanted to put more πŸ™‚

1) my husband
2) my girls (and lil peanut)
3) Jehovah
4) music
5) books
6) Starbucks iced caramel macchiato
7) rainbows
8) sunsets
9) California beaches (beautiful sand!)
10) hair dye πŸ™‚
11) being able to drive
12) beautiful scenery
13) the miracle of birth (yes I am crazy!)
14) my memory
15) the night sky…full of stars
16) nature and animals
17) flowers…particularly sunflowers
18) Alfie boe…<3 his voice
19) the time spent with my family
20) my friends ( you know who you are )

That’s my 20, I could give you more πŸ™‚
Happy Monday ❀


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