what i am grateful for :-)

Today is 20 things you are grateful for, now I had to be picky…but I wanted to put more 🙂

1) my husband
2) my girls (and lil peanut)
3) Jehovah
4) music
5) books
6) Starbucks iced caramel macchiato
7) rainbows
8) sunsets
9) California beaches (beautiful sand!)
10) hair dye 🙂
11) being able to drive
12) beautiful scenery
13) the miracle of birth (yes I am crazy!)
14) my memory
15) the night sky…full of stars
16) nature and animals
17) flowers…particularly sunflowers
18) Alfie boe…<3 his voice
19) the time spent with my family
20) my friends ( you know who you are )

That’s my 20, I could give you more 🙂
Happy Monday ❤


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