love letter…to me.

Well this is interesting… I couldn’t have imagined writing this letter 10 years ago. Before marriage and kids, your mind was in a totally different space.
You have suffered, sure. You have felt the pain of loss, the anguish of grief.. But you are still here. There were times when you contemplated things, thinking that no one would miss you..that no one would care. But you didn’t give in to any thoughts that came into your mind.
Contrary to what you believe, you are strong, you are tough..and by gum you are a survivor.
You are now in a good place, mentally. No matter how badly you feel about yourself, you know that you are here for a reason, for you family..for your girls.
You are you,
You are crazy (in a good way)
You are wonderful,
You are kind,
You are loving,
Your life has meaning.

Never doubt yourself.



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