special moment

Today I got to thinking about moments that have been quite special to me, in the last year.

I think a pretty big one was having Ariana. Bella was 2 and half, and she loved the idea of being a big sister…still does.
I can remember the day like was yesterday, she was born on the same day we held the memorial of Jesus Christ as well as Nisan 14..you know as you do!!
So unfortunately I had to skip the memorial this year…I wasn’t pleased!
Anyway she arrived in the early hours of march 27th…only 4 days late..little minx!!
My sister ( who has always tried to out do me 😁) had her little boy 7 weeks early on my due date… Was well annoyed!!! (For a bit) that was a stressful day!

I have to admit it had a been a few years since I cared for a newborn, so I was I little apprehensive!
Β But its just like riding a bike…well sort of..
If the bike were to eat about 12 times a day…not forgetting the wonderful nappy changes!!
Ooh I hope I am not putting anyone off…opps!!! (Sorry Jo!!)
Apparently it hasn’t put me off…baby number 3 due in June…glutton for punishment πŸ™‚
Well worth it though.
Hopefully these photos will make up for it πŸ™‚
I realise in the last photo she looks giant, but may I remind you my nephew was 7 weeks early!!!!

Happy Mondays everyone πŸ™‚


guilty pleasures

I have been thinking about guilty pleasures today, we all have them right?!
I mean who doesn’t have a secret love for something that others would consider weird?!
On that note I will be sharing my guilty pleasures with you lovely readers…I must be crazy!!

Here goes

Boyzone – an Irish nineties boy band, that I absolutely loved…still do!!
America’s next top model – some may hate it, but I have watched it since season 1!
Cambozola blue brie – although I can’t eat it during pregnancy! Boo!!!
Leggings – only because they are comfy, stretchy waists are my friend right now!
Four weddings us – I am actually watching it as we speak
High school musical – sorry!!
Turquoise eye shadow – this is probably why I don’t wear makeup often.
Drop dead gorgeous – a movie starring Kirsten dunst, about beauty pageants
Dairy milk Oreo – yum! That is all.
Belly pork – its fatty, its greasy, its all crispy…but darn it’s good!!
McDonald’s big mac’s – just because.

Happy Saturday xxx

an open letter

This is an open letter.

To those that have ever felt they don’t fit in, or feel alone or lost,
I have felt how you do now
I have been to that place, where you don’t think you can ever come through
When the only way that you feel better is to lash out at yourself
I have been alone with only my thoughts and a broken razor
Wondering would anyone miss me if were gone, would anyone truly care
Spending my days racking my brain, questioning why people hated me so much
Why was there soul purpose in life making mine miserable
What was it about me that made them hate me so
Was I that awful
It was because of them..the bullies, that made me hate myself
But no matter what I did not let them beat me
I almost reached my breaking point
It took all my inner strength to pull myself back from the brink
But you can do it
I had no one to help me, because I never told anyone
I implore you to tell people how you are feeling
Talk to family
Talk to a trusted friend
When I hear of teenagers or young people reaching a terrible point in there lives, where they take their own lives
It hurts me so deep in my heart
Knowing that someone has been so bullied and felt so alone that they felt they had no other choice
It makes me want to do something to help others that feel this way
Please, please if you feel so lost that you do not know what to do
Please talk
Please share how you feel
Please do not suffer alone
Please do not feel that you are alone
There are many around the world that suffer as you do
Do not suffer in silence

You are not alone
Love who you are
Embrace your individuality
You are wonderful
You are beautiful
You are amazing

Remember this – people who bully have issues themselves
But they put all their attention in making others feel bad
We need to make the bullies stop
If they don’t see they are getting to you they will stop

I promise


my self esteem booster

This is a tricky post for me to write, but I thought I need to challenge myself sometimes.
I am going to share three things about myself that I like…..as I have posted on previous occasions, I have trouble with self esteem.
So I promise to be nice about myself for at least the five minutes or so it takes to write this πŸ™‚

1) Β The obscure photo’s a take – I try to find beauty in the unique.

2) my hair – I used to hate my hair, the colour, the fact that it was curly…so this is a new development.

3) my freckles

Today’s post is only a little one, but I think sometimes its nice to point out what you like about yourself instead of just focusing on your flaws.
So maybe today, think about the good things about you.
Happy Monday bloggers

hello 2nd trimester

Start of the 2nd trimester here we come….
Putting aside all of the truly wonderful first trimester side affects…or chuck them aside which every is more appropriate. The first few months weren’t so bad…(I don’t suffer from morning sickness!! Sorry!) Lil peanut has now gone from the size of a poppy seed (at 4 weeks) to a peach (13 weeks) which is truly amazing!!
Just thinking about the miracle of this little baby growing inside me, fortifies my faith and love for Jehovah. Just considering all the things that happens to a baby during 9 months is incredible, right now little peanuts organs are moving to there final position and starting to function!! How cool is that!
At the 20 week scan the sonographer checks all the organ function and brain development… Love seeing the screen with the baby having a swim πŸ™‚

Starting to get a bit lethargic at this stage…unfortunately though I suffer from sleep deprivation in this stage of pregnancy… I am tired, but Mr brain won’t switch off!
I say that this stage is by far my favourite… All of a sudden bump just appears!!
Also there is no better feeling than when baby moves for the first time…awesome.

I couldn’t help sharing this with you…words in my brain…gotta put them somewhere πŸ™‚
Happy weekend!!

the longest 2 hours

Today was my first scan with baby number 3….simple enough to get there by 12pm?!

However hard I try I can’t leave the house with out running to the car, arms full of kids and baby bags…then realising I forgot something…how annoying!
Driving to the hospital start feeling faint…ugh pregnancy symptoms! I am already running late now I have to pull over and have some water!!
Phoned my husband then in a panicked state…how is he going to help me whilst in the forest… Silly me!!
Finally feeling better… Drive at top speed to get there on time..bear in mind the hospital car park is tiny, so people (and hospital staff) have to use all the side streets. Found a space a good 10 min walk away, up a huge hill..smashing!
Takes me a good 10 mins to get the push chair up, the girls out the car…and all my notes!! Practically ran to the hospital.. Ish!!! Our hospital is built on a big hill…so you have to go all the way to the top to get in….queue me huffing and puffing my way to the top!! #awkward
Within the last year they have been doing building work on the hospital.. New A+E department!! However they decided it was a brilliant idea to confuse everyone and change every floor number!!! I mean seriously!! So now you have to run about like a loon, to find the right place….thankfully the x ray department hasn’t moved!
By this point I had consumed so much water I could barely move! (those who have been to baby scans before will understand)
Whilst having the scan, peanut was so active!!! Unfortunately it’s too soon to tell the sex yet grr!! But if this one is anything like Ariana was, peanut will hide and not let me know til last minute.
Bella behaved really well..always does with other people! Little monkey!
It was quite funny seeing the look on the midwife’s faces when I walked in..well it has been less than a year since I last saw them! πŸ™‚
Got to meet my personal midwife today too.. Amy, nice girl..pretty sure she is younger than me… How annoying!!
By this point both girls are getting antsy…it is dinner time! Queue homemade sandwiches… Life saver trust me!!!
Then Ariana thinks now would be an excellent time to be stinky…awkward!!
Final thing to do was have my bloods drawn…which I loathe!
Midwife could find no good veins…I did warn her that they hide at the mere thought of a needle! So I got to visit pathology… With two screaming kids..one of which decided to sit in the chair next to me and try to climb onto the nearest stool with wheels!! Very hard to grab her when someone is poking you with a needle.
Apparently she wanted to visit the A+E department today…
Finally she got some blood after jabbing me a lot…bruises for me tomorrow.
That lot took 2 hours…the longest 2 hours of my life!! Next time I am taking a friend with me…to watch the kids!! Ha!
I guess I should show all peanut here he or she is –

interesting little known facts…

Traveling the internet today I came across some interesting facts, that I didn’t know…so I figured why not share them.

Did you know…..

Pearls melt in vinegar
Most lipsticks contains fish scales!!! Scary thought
25% of fires with unknown origins are caused by rats
Two thirds of the worlds kidnappings occur in Columbia
Two thirds of the worlds executions occur in China
Consuming chocolate was once considered a sin during the 16th and 17th century
Acorns were used as a substitute for coffee during the American civil war
The average life span of a major league baseball is 7 pitches!!
Coca cola was originally green..eek!
The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters
The worlds youngest parents were 8 and 9, they lived in China in 1910
A ducks quack doesn’t echo! This baffled me!
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in Colorado
You are taller in the morning than in the evening
Tigers have striped skin not just striped fur
Almonds are a member of the peach family
There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar – I know none of these
A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes
An ostrich eye is bigger than its brain

If I don’t stop here I probably won’t Lol!!
There are so many cool facts on the internet, these are some that interested and surprised me!
If anyone knows any more, please share them πŸ™‚

Happy Monday folks xx