ridiculous :-)

I have to say I am quite saddened by the end of this blog challenge… So I may spend a while later looking for a new one 🙂
That being said, here is the penultimate entry.

Be ridiculous –
I use the word ridiculous quite often, on almost a daily basis actually! That being said, I have done a few ridiculous things…dyed my hair pink, blue, black 🙂  used to dress as a Goth..yes even on holiday..trust me black clothes on hot weather = bad!! Most recently.. During labour whilst listening to emeli sande..my husband, friend and midwives said they didn’t know who it was…I shouted out emeli sande… I hasten to add they all laughed at me!
Anyway, I think on occasion it is OK to lean towards the ridiculous… Dance in the rain if you must (its fun)

I think this quote says it best “its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” – Marilyn Monroe.. Let’s face it she wasn’t boring!!
I think sometimes its OK to take a walk on the wild side, just not everyday. I do think I am a bit boring sometimes, that being said I have no fear of ridiculousness!


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