top 5..yes top 5 movies

This week I have decided to put up a few posts, so that the people who read my blog can learn a little bit more about me.
Today I am going to share my love for films by posting my five…yes five favourites.
This is a tough one for sure, but I am going to give it a whirl none the less.
Why do I love films?! Well, its a form of escapism for me as with books I guess. Granted not all films are amazing… But I guess even the terrible ones can cheer you up…with just how bad they are.
Bear on mind these are not in any order. 🙂

1) Some like it Hot –
Another thing about me you may not know is that I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. Granted when you look at this film, she does have a smaller roll in comparison to Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis…that being said I adore her in the role of Sugar Kane.

2) Lord of the rings – return of the king
I am a big fan of the trilogy in general, so picking one was tough it was a toss up between this one and the fellowship. But I had to pick this one if not just for the battles alone. The way it was filmed, the way it stayed true to the book..everything about it I love.

3) Valkyrie –
This one is a difficult one, (now I hope I don’t get chased away by pitchfork wielding villager’s) but I cannot stand Tom Cruise. I find him smug and irritating. But that being said, this film is very interesting as it focuses on the true story of colonel Claus von stauffenburg who was one of the chief plotters in an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. It is a truly amazing film, those who haven’t seen it, I think its a must.

4) Forrest Gump –
This may be quite an obvious choice, however I am rather a big Tom Hanks fan. I think most people have watched this film…if not are you all insane!! 🙂 I could have chosen from several Tom Hanks films but this one takes me back to my childhood, which is why I love it so. I remember renting this every time I stayed with my grandparents, and now I have it on blu ray..who knew!!

5) Life of Pi –
This is a new development in my favourite’s, and a recent movie. I think because it is so recent most people will be aware of the general plot line. The cinematography (ooh fancy word) is incredible, the colours are beautiful. I won’t give away the ending but oh my goodness, so many tears!!

I set myself 5..and I am sticking to it…
must be strong!!

Am going to sign off now before I re read and change my mind.


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