hello 2nd trimester

Start of the 2nd trimester here we come….
Putting aside all of the truly wonderful first trimester side affects…or chuck them aside which every is more appropriate. The first few months weren’t so bad…(I don’t suffer from morning sickness!! Sorry!) Lil peanut has now gone from the size of a poppy seed (at 4 weeks) to a peach (13 weeks) which is truly amazing!!
Just thinking about the miracle of this little baby growing inside me, fortifies my faith and love for Jehovah. Just considering all the things that happens to a baby during 9 months is incredible, right now little peanuts organs are moving to there final position and starting to function!! How cool is that!
At the 20 week scan the sonographer checks all the organ function and brain development… Love seeing the screen with the baby having a swim 🙂

Starting to get a bit lethargic at this stage…unfortunately though I suffer from sleep deprivation in this stage of pregnancy… I am tired, but Mr brain won’t switch off!
I say that this stage is by far my favourite… All of a sudden bump just appears!!
Also there is no better feeling than when baby moves for the first time…awesome.

I couldn’t help sharing this with you…words in my brain…gotta put them somewhere 🙂
Happy weekend!!


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