guilty pleasures

I have been thinking about guilty pleasures today, we all have them right?!
I mean who doesn’t have a secret love for something that others would consider weird?!
On that note I will be sharing my guilty pleasures with you lovely readers…I must be crazy!!

Here goes

Boyzone – an Irish nineties boy band, that I absolutely loved…still do!!
America’s next top model – some may hate it, but I have watched it since season 1!
Cambozola blue brie – although I can’t eat it during pregnancy! Boo!!!
Leggings – only because they are comfy, stretchy waists are my friend right now!
Four weddings us – I am actually watching it as we speak
High school musical – sorry!!
Turquoise eye shadow – this is probably why I don’t wear makeup often.
Drop dead gorgeous – a movie starring Kirsten dunst, about beauty pageants
Dairy milk Oreo – yum! That is all.
Belly pork – its fatty, its greasy, its all crispy…but darn it’s good!!
McDonald’s big mac’s – just because.

Happy Saturday xxx


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