special moment

Today I got to thinking about moments that have been quite special to me, in the last year.

I think a pretty big one was having Ariana. Bella was 2 and half, and she loved the idea of being a big sister…still does.
I can remember the day like was yesterday, she was born on the same day we held the memorial of Jesus Christ as well as Nisan 14..you know as you do!!
So unfortunately I had to skip the memorial this year…I wasn’t pleased!
Anyway she arrived in the early hours of march 27th…only 4 days late..little minx!!
My sister ( who has always tried to out do me 😁) had her little boy 7 weeks early on my due date… Was well annoyed!!! (For a bit) that was a stressful day!

I have to admit it had a been a few years since I cared for a newborn, so I was I little apprehensive!
 But its just like riding a bike…well sort of..
If the bike were to eat about 12 times a day…not forgetting the wonderful nappy changes!!
Ooh I hope I am not putting anyone off…opps!!! (Sorry Jo!!)
Apparently it hasn’t put me off…baby number 3 due in June…glutton for punishment 🙂
Well worth it though.
Hopefully these photos will make up for it 🙂
I realise in the last photo she looks giant, but may I remind you my nephew was 7 weeks early!!!!

Happy Mondays everyone 🙂


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