bad movie

Bad movies….bad movies
I have seen my fair share of bad movies, to be fair
But only one sticks out in my mind as being truly terrible.
So bad that I don’t think many people will have heard of it
It is called…love wrecked
It is starring Amanda bynes
Now don’t misunderstand me I like Amanda bynes…I think she is funny.
However this film is so terrible I feel dirty having watched it!

The general plot –
A girl named jenny has a thing for a rock star name Jason masters. She starts working at a resort, knowing he will be staying there. She manages to sneak aboard his party boat, however he falls overboard, she jumps in after him.
For some reason no one notices this.
They end up stranded on a beach, jenny soon realises they are only a few miles from the resort. She decides not to tell Jason because she wants him to fall in love with her ( yikes! )
You would think he would realise that she was sneaking off every day to get food from the resort shop!! Just me?!
Her rival finds out what she is doing, and then pretends to be stranded too ( really?! )
Her best friend ( and the boy who loves her ) hears that there is a storm coming goes to rescue jenny…she then realises that he loves her. They get together.
The end ( Thats just a really, really short synopsis )

Why do I dislike this movie you ask?!
Well I am not adverse to chick flicks, in fact I really like them
But this is such a cheesy film. And the plot is truly stretched to epically bad proportions. Not only that, I just can’t believe that anyone would think that it was a good idea, to create something with such a dreadful plot.

There is something new you didn’t know about me.
I don’t like cheesy, thinnly plotted films 🙂
Learn something new everyday eh?!
I bet several of you will watch it now…purely out of curiosity
I know I would!!!


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