things i have learned from…

…my kids –
They are honest
Tantrumy..its a word!

…the internet
Be careful what you type
What you read
Who you follow
What you download

…the weather
Its irritatingly unpredictable
Mostly wet!

…Child stars
To never allow my children to be one
They remain children forever!

I love to write, even if it is utter nonsense
That sometimes the topics I write about are not interesting.. I need to work on it
You need a niche

It not as bad as people have told me
It is magical
It is exciting

It rains a lot!
We are quite behind the times, with a lot of stuff
Ironically there are more Englishmen leaving here than Welshmen
Countryside is actually enjoyable to live in

Bad men never win
You can do crazy stuff and people will not look at you like you are mental!
Love will always win out
It always rains during a dramatic moment

…the news
Nothing good is ever reported on


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