retro playground fun!

I am aware I used the term retro for the 90’s but ah well!
With my daughter starting school in a few months time, my mind has been wandering to how things were when i was her age.
I was a 90’s school kid and I am pretty sure things have changed!
When I was a kid it was always huge fun to make your friends a friendship bracelet.
There was something about it that made you think…if you gave it to someone then you would be friends forever!

Skipping and hopscotch..loved doing this! Was by far my favourite childhood past time.

Rounders… This was a team game, people liken it to baseball… It is not! You hit a ball, you run around the circle and stop on a base before you get caught out!! Simples!!

Conkers!! Which I hasten to add has been banned from most schools due to the apparent danger of exploding conkers!! Basically you have a conker hanging on a piece of string, and you hit someone else’s conker..trying to break it and win!

Stuck in the mud..tag with a twist, if you were tagged you stand still With your arms and legs apart until someone crawls under your legs and frees you!

Claps… eg a sailor went to sea, sea, sea!

Slaps..this one was not fun after a while…basically you hold your hands out in front of you (palms together) and you and a partner take it in turns to slap each others hands! You can move, if they get you they keep on going until they miss and vice versa!

What’s the time Mr wolf!

Handstands were fun!!

My brain has just run out of memories! Oops!!
I would love to hear from anyone on this subject…
What games did you play in school?!

Happy Monday 🙂


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