Anyone who knows me knows I am not a domestic goddess…in fact far from it!

However in the last week I have baked twice..
I blame the little peanut.
He seems to want cookies…hence the baking!
Oatmeal and raisin…now aero ones.
Very hard not to eat them all I have to say.

Weird thing is I have a sudden urge to make more today…

And, its the end of the month…again!
This year is flying by at a crazy rate..peanut will be here before I know it!

So end of the month means we are closer to spring..I hope seeing as it started snowing this morning…

Have a good friday


feelings and emotions

So I finally snapped
I spoke to my midwife today
I started to become concerned about my emotions
I am aware that during pregnancy your hormones go scatty, and send your emotions haywire.
But this felt different to me
I was feeling like I was when my doctor discovered my postnatal depression.
So rather than waiting back like I would normally do
I decided to talk about it
Best thing I could have done really.
I don’t talk about how I feel very often, but thus kind of situation is different.
Its a topic that is rarely spoken about, but it needs to be brought into the light…so to speak.
Too often lately I have read about poor new mums who end there lives, because they don’t talk about how they are feeling
I did not want to end up in that terrible situation
I am not saying I would
But I am a worrier and always fear the worst thing.

I guess all I am trying to say is
If you feel how I do
Talk to someone
Do not suffer in silence.

I don’t wish to sadden anyone
But if I think something, I have to get it out.

Enjoy the midweek

quick catch up

Ah week 23, love this part of pregnancy.. All the kicking and jumping about…its amazing!
However the back ache, leg ache, heartburn and stretch marks…are not so great!
That and the fact that I have to take bathroom trips every half hour!

Thankfully now the little one is feeling better, still a little chesty..but better.
It is also half term, so no school for Bella this week…which means she can drive me crackers for a few more days than normal!!

There has also been a new development on the job front…
I had to hand in my notice to Morrison’s, because I was due back off maternity leave in march and I would be back on maternity leave 10 weeks later!
It didn’t make much sense to me to go back fort such a short amount of time. I have worked there 9 years..not too bad, I met my husband has some nice memories for me.

But I get to be a stay at home mum, which I can’t wait for!!
Love spending time with my babies 🙂

Have a good Monday folks


fazes and fads

Having read a lot in the news lately about a certain craze called neknomination…it got me thinking about fads.

I have to admit I didn’t really understand what neknominate actually was…apparently somebody downs a drink and then nominates a friend to do better. I hasten to add that people have actually died after doing this downing pints of gin and vodka…its just so sad that people think that its OK to do things like this, peer pressure is a terrible thing. I literally just read about it now migrating to primary schools, a 10 year old boy has just downed a pint of vodka, Mayo and nandos sauce!!!
This makes me furious that innocent children are being pressured into this awful craze! I hope it ends soon.

So I decided to research a few things I remember from the 90’s that have faded onto the background… So to speak!

These were the days of innocent crazes –

Tamagochi or virtual pets – I remember when I started secondary school, everybody had one…well I didn’t, my parents wouldn’t let me!!

Beanie babies – I remember these!! So adorable, I had a few beanie baby cats! Loved them, now they are pretty rare!

Pogs and Pokémon cards – I remember pogs, I used to collect them and play with them in school…they literally disappeared overnight!! As for Pokémon cards, I didn’t understand them!!

Girl power – thanks to the spice girls…This became a craze in the 90’s. I was never a fan of the spice girls, so this was never much of craze for me. However for some it was considered to be a form of feminism for some.

These crazes were all pretty fleeting and innocent
What has happened to the world?!
Where people feel they need to outdo others?

What do you think?!

Have a good day 🙂

goodbye hunter

Today, Bella is sad…
Our cat, hunter passed away yesterday.
We returned from our Thursday meeting as usual, got to the front door where hunter was waiting to be let in…not unusual.
However, he normally legs it into the house and stretches up the sofa..much to my annoyance as its normally pitch black and I trip over him.
But this did not happen, he went in slowly and went behind the kitchen table. At first I didn’t notice what was wrong, I took Ariana off matt and put the light on…then I saw he was dragging himself along the floor. I took a closer look and he couldn’t put weight on his leg, it looked broken…I hoped it wasn’t.
But it was.
So we put him in his bed, and called a vet.
I put the girls to bed and told Bella not to worry, and kissed her goodnight.
Matt took hunter to see the vet.
I sat and waited, thinking maybe I should have put him inside before we left.
Matt returned an hour or so later…without hunter.
I hoped it was just because he was being kept in for observation.
The poor little thing had a broken femur and internal bleeding.

I had to explain to Bella this morning where hunter was, I felt awful. The look on her face is one I will not forget in a hurry.
I hope to not have to have the same conversation with her again for a long time.

Sorry for such a sad post, but I had to get it out of my mind.

Have a good weekend.

home alone!

No before you ask this is not about the 90’s movie staring Macaulay culkin!
Also by home alone, I obviously mean me + kids!!

Little one has been poorly for the last few days, sounding really hoarse and croaky…now with a chesty cough. So we got to spend a morning in the doctors..awesome fun!! But we got medicine for our troubles… I just hope she sleeps tonight, my poor body can’t take any less sleep!

With my hubby at work all day ( and might I add going to see a comedian later tonight with his workmate.. Alright for some eh?! )

I get to spend a day with my girls, having some fun, giving them a bath and….wait a minute, I do this everyday!!

I might just treat myself to an early night 🙂
Who knows!

However I got inspired by day 19 of fat mum Slim’s photo a day challenge, which is feet!
Now I dislike feet…on a big scale…don’t ask me why I just do!
But I like baby feet..they are just so darn cute.
With that in mind, i took a few photos of both girls feet and we did some feet prints for my memory boxes

Which is not easy to make an 11 month old do…trust me!
It is more difficult than trying to brush her teeth!

I realise I wrote above that I was considering an early night..but now I am not so sure…I have 10 magazines that I haven’t read…maybe I should consider making a dent in the pile!!

We shall see…I will spoil myself 🙂

Have a happy Wednesday guys

dear Ariana – 11 months

Ariana my pumpkin,

My baby girl, where has the time gone?!
You are so wonderfully smiley, constantly happy – even when you are poorly
You love your sister – never change this!
You are constantly eating or biting things with those 4 little toothy pegs!
You love to wiggle along to music – its great that both my girls love music!
You are my baby girl and you always will be…no matter what people say about the middle child!

Never stop smiling baby, you are my shining light on a dark day.

Love you
Mummy xxx