another day, another list

Its Tuesday again…which means its another round of get-to-know-me!
I took an idea from a photo challenge I am partaking in -thanks the the blogger Fat mum slim.
I have done a list of favourites on a prior occasion, but I am going to change it up a bit and do one answer for each question.
Here goes,

Colour – red
Name – Beau
Flower – stargazer lilies
Dog- Labrador
Country – Italy
Book – Jane Eyre
Smell – fresh cut grass
Magazine – gurgle
Sound – a child laughing
Song – love on top by Beyonce
Season – spring
Holiday – California
Animal – dolphin
Accent – Irish
Food – lasagne
Era – 50’s
Scripture – revelation 21:3,4
Place – San Clemente
Item of clothing – jeans
Singer – Alfie boe
Actor – tom hanks
Actress – Marilyn Monroe
Craft – card making
TV show – Grey’s anatomy
Gift from someone – a heart chain from my hubby
Thing to do – take photos
At the beach – collecting shells
Part of the day – sunrise
Makeup brand – Mac
Style icon – Emma Watson
Quote – “Though miles may be between us we are never far apart, For friendship doesn’t count miles it is measured by the heart”
Type of weather – snow
Musical – les miserables
Favourite teen book – confessions of Georgia Nicholson by Louise rennison
Non alcoholic drink – pineapple juice
Alcoholic drink – my friend dawn’s cocktails
Perfume – lacoste touch of pink
Family game – scattergories
Theme park – Disneyland!!

I am now out of ideas teehee!!

Have a good Tuesday folks 🙂


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