home alone!

No before you ask this is not about the 90’s movie staring Macaulay culkin!
Also by home alone, I obviously mean me + kids!!

Little one has been poorly for the last few days, sounding really hoarse and croaky…now with a chesty cough. So we got to spend a morning in the doctors..awesome fun!! But we got medicine for our troubles… I just hope she sleeps tonight, my poor body can’t take any less sleep!

With my hubby at work all day ( and might I add going to see a comedian later tonight with his workmate.. Alright for some eh?! )

I get to spend a day with my girls, having some fun, giving them a bath and….wait a minute, I do this everyday!!

I might just treat myself to an early night 🙂
Who knows!

However I got inspired by day 19 of fat mum Slim’s photo a day challenge, which is feet!
Now I dislike feet…on a big scale…don’t ask me why I just do!
But I like baby feet..they are just so darn cute.
With that in mind, i took a few photos of both girls feet and we did some feet prints for my memory boxes

Which is not easy to make an 11 month old do…trust me!
It is more difficult than trying to brush her teeth!

I realise I wrote above that I was considering an early night..but now I am not so sure…I have 10 magazines that I haven’t read…maybe I should consider making a dent in the pile!!

We shall see…I will spoil myself 🙂

Have a happy Wednesday guys


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