goodbye hunter

Today, Bella is sad…
Our cat, hunter passed away yesterday.
We returned from our Thursday meeting as usual, got to the front door where hunter was waiting to be let in…not unusual.
However, he normally legs it into the house and stretches up the sofa..much to my annoyance as its normally pitch black and I trip over him.
But this did not happen, he went in slowly and went behind the kitchen table. At first I didn’t notice what was wrong, I took Ariana off matt and put the light on…then I saw he was dragging himself along the floor. I took a closer look and he couldn’t put weight on his leg, it looked broken…I hoped it wasn’t.
But it was.
So we put him in his bed, and called a vet.
I put the girls to bed and told Bella not to worry, and kissed her goodnight.
Matt took hunter to see the vet.
I sat and waited, thinking maybe I should have put him inside before we left.
Matt returned an hour or so later…without hunter.
I hoped it was just because he was being kept in for observation.
The poor little thing had a broken femur and internal bleeding.

I had to explain to Bella this morning where hunter was, I felt awful. The look on her face is one I will not forget in a hurry.
I hope to not have to have the same conversation with her again for a long time.

Sorry for such a sad post, but I had to get it out of my mind.

Have a good weekend.


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