fazes and fads

Having read a lot in the news lately about a certain craze called neknomination…it got me thinking about fads.

I have to admit I didn’t really understand what neknominate actually was…apparently somebody downs a drink and then nominates a friend to do better. I hasten to add that people have actually died after doing this downing pints of gin and vodka…its just so sad that people think that its OK to do things like this, peer pressure is a terrible thing. I literally just read about it now migrating to primary schools, a 10 year old boy has just downed a pint of vodka, Mayo and nandos sauce!!!
This makes me furious that innocent children are being pressured into this awful craze! I hope it ends soon.

So I decided to research a few things I remember from the 90’s that have faded onto the background… So to speak!

These were the days of innocent crazes –

Tamagochi or virtual pets – I remember when I started secondary school, everybody had one…well I didn’t, my parents wouldn’t let me!!

Beanie babies – I remember these!! So adorable, I had a few beanie baby cats! Loved them, now they are pretty rare!

Pogs and Pokémon cards – I remember pogs, I used to collect them and play with them in school…they literally disappeared overnight!! As for Pokémon cards, I didn’t understand them!!

Girl power – thanks to the spice girls…This became a craze in the 90’s. I was never a fan of the spice girls, so this was never much of craze for me. However for some it was considered to be a form of feminism for some.

These crazes were all pretty fleeting and innocent
What has happened to the world?!
Where people feel they need to outdo others?

What do you think?!

Have a good day 🙂


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