quick catch up

Ah week 23, love this part of pregnancy.. All the kicking and jumping about…its amazing!
However the back ache, leg ache, heartburn and stretch marks…are not so great!
That and the fact that I have to take bathroom trips every half hour!

Thankfully now the little one is feeling better, still a little chesty..but better.
It is also half term, so no school for Bella this week…which means she can drive me crackers for a few more days than normal!!

There has also been a new development on the job front…
I had to hand in my notice to Morrison’s, because I was due back off maternity leave in march and I would be back on maternity leave 10 weeks later!
It didn’t make much sense to me to go back fort such a short amount of time. I have worked there 9 years..not too bad, I met my husband there..it has some nice memories for me.

But I get to be a stay at home mum, which I can’t wait for!!
Love spending time with my babies 🙂

Have a good Monday folks



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