feelings and emotions

So I finally snapped
I spoke to my midwife today
I started to become concerned about my emotions
I am aware that during pregnancy your hormones go scatty, and send your emotions haywire.
But this felt different to me
I was feeling like I was when my doctor discovered my postnatal depression.
So rather than waiting back like I would normally do
I decided to talk about it
Best thing I could have done really.
I don’t talk about how I feel very often, but thus kind of situation is different.
Its a topic that is rarely spoken about, but it needs to be brought into the light…so to speak.
Too often lately I have read about poor new mums who end there lives, because they don’t talk about how they are feeling
I did not want to end up in that terrible situation
I am not saying I would
But I am a worrier and always fear the worst thing.

I guess all I am trying to say is
If you feel how I do
Talk to someone
Do not suffer in silence.

I don’t wish to sadden anyone
But if I think something, I have to get it out.

Enjoy the midweek


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