labour bag…essentials

I like to think of myself as pretty organised… Or at least I try to be.
So today I decided it was time to start thinking about packing my labour bag.
Its hard to believe that I have forgotten what I need, it was only a year ago that I was in hospital having Ariana… And yet everything has fallen out my brain 🙂
So with that being said, I decided just out of curiosity to Google it and see what certain websites suggested.
I have to say the suggestions for what to pack for hubby made me giggle!! I didn’t get anything for him…Oops. He just shoved his own things in a bag when my waters went lol!
But then it suggests things like puzzles and magazines for during labour…all I could think about during labour was usding my gas and air..magazines just seemed a bit pointless to me…at least until after labour!
I can understand them if you have a long, slow moving labour…which I did not 🙂
Another thing I came across was make up. I have no problems with make up per say, but it was the last thing on my mind after labour. It baffles me how anyone would be thinking about make up..when you have a bundle of baby to take care of (am not judging)
So that is one thing I won’t be packing 🙂
But I think I have remembered everything I need, I have plenty of sleepsuits for our little boy ( as long as they are not wrong )
Am just not used to all the blue 🙂

Packing the bag is a little scary, it makes the impending day ominously closer eek!!
Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait
Roll on June 🙂 12 weeks and counting

 Have a good Saturday


dear ariana – 12 months old

Well my little girl is no longer little.
It seems odd to me thinking that a whole year has passed already! In fact impossible is the word I should use.
I never imagined that I would have such a short amount of time to spend with you…as just you and me.
But you are going to be having a little brother in just a few months, and you will no longer be the baby.
But no matter how big you get you will be my baby girl.
You said you first proper word yesterday.. It was dinner!! Figures you are constantly eating 🙂
Not only that you are starting to pull yourself up using the furniture.
But please don’t grow up too fast baby girl.

Love mummy xxx

weekend away :-)

Soo its been a while!!
I realise I have been a bit…missing lately! But its not my fault I promise!! My silly tablet is still being fixed, and writing a blog post on my mobile is really, really irritating!

So with that, I am going to actually post something today….

Now I mentioned a few weeks back that we were having a weekend away…and lo and behold we did it!!
I have to say though, lugging the kids and all the gubbins that we need in the car…is difficult to say the least.
But it can be done. Its going to be even more stuff when the little man arrives.
However we managed to leave the house before 6 am Friday morning…granted I didn’t sleep well…thanks to a foot in my ribs!
I did some driving…up until we stopped for breakfast…
Then hubby was good enough to take over…thank goodness!
Thanks to him we made it to the zoo half an hour early!!

Bella loved the zoo!
We took her when she was Ariana’s age, so it was nice to take her again…when she could identify most of the animals.
You should have seen her face when she clocked the lions…I regret not getting a photo of it now..she was like ‘oh my word mummy look..lions!!’
Its also really nice for her to see all the amazing animals that Jehovah has made.

After the zoo, we started to stress. We had a hotel booked, but how to find it!
We found it ok, but when we arrived…we realised that it was at the same service station we always stop at on long journeys to Leeds… Irony?! I think so!!

Ironically bella behaved for her treat day

Can’t say the same for when we went shopping!!
She was a bum 🙂
However, she got her ears pierced like a big girl on Saturday.

When my tablet is back and running I will post my photos from the weekend, til then (unless you check out my instagram pages…@charlotteann_2 or @charlcornes_photographs)…you won’t see them!

Until then bloggers, I leave you with this thought…
Is it really wise to get kids up at 5am to go to the zoo?!

Happy Monday 🙂

tablet fail

Evening bloggers

You might wonder where I have been these last few days.
Well my nexus has decided that it wants to stop working, so it is currently being looked at by a friend.
I hope to have it back by the end of the week
Which means I will be mia until then.
So I haven’t forgotten my blog if that’s what you think.

Have a good Sunday guys.


sunrise love

So apparently I have an obsession… With the sunrise!
It helps that I am up most mornings in time to see it
But I think what is truly wonderful is that everyone is different
It shows wonderfully that Jehovah has provided us with such a beautiful start to the day. I feel truly blessed to be able to live in a place where I can enjoy this site everyday.

What do you enjoy about where you live?

Happy Tuesday 🙂

spring is here

Spring may have finally sprung people!!!
I don’t mean to go crazy about it, but I may just do a little dance!
It feels as though winter has dragged on and on and on…what with the endless rain and gales we have be honest I would have preferred snow to rain but hey ho!
I am just waiting for the day that my daffodil buds open up…then I know for sure that spring has begun.

I am sitting here on a thoroughly uncomfortable computer chair as I right this…why you ask?
Well our sofa and comfy chairs were taken away today
To make way for one that we are kindly being given by friends..I have such lovely friends
It could be worse…hubby thinks I can sit on the floor…if I do I fear tht I won’t be able to get back up!!

Anyway, we are hoping to have a nice little family weekend away in the next few keep your eyes peeled for a nice feature blog post 🙂

Enjoy the weekend

thursday thinking

OK so I have been mia the last few days.
But to be honest I haven’t been feeling good.
 I kinda thought if I start typing, all sorts of things would come pouring out…and who wants to read about everything is someone’s brain!!

But no matter what my babies have managed to cheer me up (so what) they are my life 🙂

So for fear of overspill I am just going to share some photos I took this week that made me smile.

Happy Thursday 🙂