spring is here

Spring may have finally sprung people!!!
I don’t mean to go crazy about it, but I may just do a little dance!
It feels as though winter has dragged on and on and on…what with the endless rain and gales we have had..to be honest I would have preferred snow to rain but hey ho!
I am just waiting for the day that my daffodil buds open up…then I know for sure that spring has begun.

I am sitting here on a thoroughly uncomfortable computer chair as I right this…why you ask?
Well our sofa and comfy chairs were taken away today
To make way for one that we are kindly being given by friends..I have such lovely friends
It could be worse…hubby thinks I can sit on the floor…if I do I fear tht I won’t be able to get back up!!

Anyway, we are hoping to have a nice little family weekend away in the next few weeks..so keep your eyes peeled for a nice feature blog post 🙂

Enjoy the weekend


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