Forgive me for my absence in posting just lately.

I have been feeling a little down the last few days.
My midwife rang me on Thursday, to tell me I need to take antibiotics due to the fact that I have group b streptococcus. Apparently it is quite a common bacteria that most women carry…ironically that fact doesn’t make me feel better.
I am now really scared because my poor little boy can contract it from me during labour and it can make him really poorly.
It also means I have to be hooked up to an IV during labour to have more antibiotics… Which will hopefully mean that her will be ok. However, my labours have never exceeded 7 hours which will prove tricky for the they want to give them every four hours! If they can’t give them all to me then my poor little man has to have an IV 😦
So this next 8 weeks are going to be nothing more than stressful and scary. I can’t help but think its my fault..could I have prevented it?
I am absolutely terrified that I am going to make my baby ill!
Not only that but I am going to have to leave my babies and stay in the hospital for a few days 😦
I know I am probably being a bit overly stressed, but I can’t help it..its how I am.

You’ll forgive me for my rather uncheery post today 🙂
Hope you enjoy your day.

photo love

Do you know I am really really enjoying doing the photo a day challenge! It is so much fun and quite addictive!
It is making me love taking photos even more than I did before. Seeing all the wonderful pictures that others have taken give me a lot of inspiration and ideas.
Its really nice to see the ones that are chosen as admin favourites on the Facebook group – I really don’t know how they choose them to be fair, I would struggle 🙂
It is amazing how many people out there enjoy taking photos 🙂
I plan on being a part of it for as long as possible!
So keep it coming fat mum slim!

Tuesday – four things –

My bella holding some dandelions 🙂

Today’s prompt – entrance

I struggled a teeny bit with this one, because all I could think of was a door – but I thought everyone would think of doors so I wanted something different.

Enjoy your day 🙂

tired mummy!

Rubbish night sleep again!
I am aware there is a whole taboo about mums talking about how tired they are, but I just can’t help it!
Little one has not been sleeping still! All she wants is to be cuddled by me, and I tell you what it doesn’t half make for difficult sleeping!
For some reason though I have noticed that some mums like to be competitive about how much/little sleep they have had on any given day…I am not one of these people! Generally I am a lousy sleeper, so I am (kinda) used to functioning without it…but it is much more difficult when you are trying to grow another person  🙂  because as many mums know sleeping before baby is born is kinda important!
But teething babies have no control over their pain unfortunately… Which sucks!

Well I had another scan this week…due to medications I take for epilepsy…just to check the growth is all normal. Thankfully everything is fine, all good..and he is still a he!! I checked 🙂

also I think its a good idea to post my photo a day photos…just while I am here 🙂

Thursday – something I learned –

Friday – good – blueberry muffin…yummy!!

Saturday – money – good old chocolate coins!!

Today – egg – what came first???

Thats all from me today 🙂

Enjoy your weekend

sunny days

Good morning!
The sun is back woohoo! I can finally catch up with my backed up laundry.
Although not feeling great today, the littlest in the house is still not sleeping sleep is very thin on the ground…and I am feeling it now!
Also I am starting to feel really nervous now about little ones arrival…10 weeks left, am actually a little scared!

We had our memorial at the kingdom hall yesterday and it brought back memories of last year’s memorial, when I ended up in labour with ariana! But little peanut decided to stay where he was…thank goodness!
The memorial is such a wonderful thing to experience, it was one of my first ever meetings I attended 8 years ago. I would encourage anyone I could to attend one, its wonderful to see so many faces old and new…being able to be a part of such a special event warms my heart.

I am needing to share my photo a days with you today as well
So in order…
Saturday – on my left

Was in the bank Saturday morning and came across this cute little piggy band 🙂

Sunday – more please

More laughter, it warms the heart and wipes away sadness.

Monday – dirty

Old mossy pot at my parents home.

Tuesday – I am reading

Getting my mind prepared for my birth plan…10 weeks to go.

Have a good Tuesday everyone 🙂

rainy days and…Saturdays

Good day bloggers!
Having a good weekend I hope.
I was until the miserable weather made a not so surprising reprisal!
I mean come on now…its quite enough rain!

Grumbles over…for now.

So it has occurred to me I haven’t posted my last 2 photo a day prompt pictures –
My fave part of the day –

Yes I know a sunrise shot…but what can I say I love a sunrise 🙂

friday – 3 of a kind –

This one was really popular… My little rubber duckies 🙂
Looking at it now though the colours are really nice 🙂  I think it may be my favourite so far!

On a side note, ariana seems to be feeling better now!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

poorly baby

My poor baby is unwell today, she has been unsettled sleep wise for the last few nights…but today she has started running a fever, and has literally not let my arms all day.
Poor thing! She is a mummy’s girl, but she is also quite independent. I feel awful, because I don’t know what is wrong..all I can think it might be is she had her injections last week…and symptoms can appear up to 12 weeks after.
As much as I want to give her cuddles, my wonderful insomnia is back…so I would love to get some sleep, but hubby has a huge 1000 tree job to do so he needs sleep too!!
Ah well it will pass..I hope!!

Also I have 10 weeks to go until our little man arrives!! It has flown by..what’s unfortunate is that I am in agony with my legs at the moment, today I couldn’t put any weight on it!! Its awful!
I will be glad when I no longer get the pain. Saw a physio for it yesterday and she said if it gets worse I may need crutches…could you imagine using crutches with 2 kids!!
I also decided to have a bit of fun with Photoshop yesterday to make a nice maternity photo –

Speaking of poorly baby, she is crying right now..soo I will share my photo a day pictures with you in a later post.
Have a good one,

parenting techniques and art

Yes parenting…a new (so called) parenting technique
Now I am not sure if I am the only one who has never heard of this…and also think it is rather ridiculous!
You’ll forgive me for being a little bit judgy, but I just think the concept of never telling your child no doesn’t allow them to learn boundaries.
I think if I ever tried this my kids would run amok.
I believe that kids need boundaries in order to have structure.
The lady I read about yesterday allowed her children to cut through electric wires, eat ice cream for breakfast, and not do their homework…
I would love to know how she explains that to their teachers at school..
Oh and not forgetting she allowed her oldest child to change their name to peep!!
You will forgive me if I am wrong but isn’t cutting through electric wires somewhat oh I don’t know dangerous!!!
How would that be explained at the hospital should the child receive a shock…sorry but I don’t believe in using the word no?!
I hope I can be forgiven for my somewhat snippy post today, but this kind of…lack of care if you like, baffles me!
I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want your children to have structure and not grow up spoiled?!
Its an almost can’t be bothered attitude I think!

Anyway moving on…
Today bella and I had a fun arty morning while ariana had a nap..

Nothing bella loves more than painting.. Maybe singing!
Also I have 2 prompts to share with you today – Monday was where I would rather be –
Then today’s prompt is – hobby – I have 2 main hobbies reading and photography

That’s all for now folks!
Have a good Tuesday 🙂