parenting techniques and art

Yes parenting…a new (so called) parenting technique
Now I am not sure if I am the only one who has never heard of this…and also think it is rather ridiculous!
You’ll forgive me for being a little bit judgy, but I just think the concept of never telling your child no doesn’t allow them to learn boundaries.
I think if I ever tried this my kids would run amok.
I believe that kids need boundaries in order to have structure.
The lady I read about yesterday allowed her children to cut through electric wires, eat ice cream for breakfast, and not do their homework…
I would love to know how she explains that to their teachers at school..
Oh and not forgetting she allowed her oldest child to change their name to peep!!
You will forgive me if I am wrong but isn’t cutting through electric wires somewhat oh I don’t know dangerous!!!
How would that be explained at the hospital should the child receive a shock…sorry but I don’t believe in using the word no?!
I hope I can be forgiven for my somewhat snippy post today, but this kind of…lack of care if you like, baffles me!
I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want your children to have structure and not grow up spoiled?!
Its an almost can’t be bothered attitude I think!

Anyway moving on…
Today bella and I had a fun arty morning while ariana had a nap..

Nothing bella loves more than painting.. Maybe singing!
Also I have 2 prompts to share with you today – Monday was where I would rather be –
Then today’s prompt is – hobby – I have 2 main hobbies reading and photography

That’s all for now folks!
Have a good Tuesday 🙂 

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