sunny days

Good morning!
The sun is back woohoo! I can finally catch up with my backed up laundry.
Although not feeling great today, the littlest in the house is still not sleeping sleep is very thin on the ground…and I am feeling it now!
Also I am starting to feel really nervous now about little ones arrival…10 weeks left, am actually a little scared!

We had our memorial at the kingdom hall yesterday and it brought back memories of last year’s memorial, when I ended up in labour with ariana! But little peanut decided to stay where he was…thank goodness!
The memorial is such a wonderful thing to experience, it was one of my first ever meetings I attended 8 years ago. I would encourage anyone I could to attend one, its wonderful to see so many faces old and new…being able to be a part of such a special event warms my heart.

I am needing to share my photo a days with you today as well
So in order…
Saturday – on my left

Was in the bank Saturday morning and came across this cute little piggy band πŸ™‚

Sunday – more please

More laughter, it warms the heart and wipes away sadness.

Monday – dirty

Old mossy pot at my parents home.

Tuesday – I am reading

Getting my mind prepared for my birth plan…10 weeks to go.

Have a good Tuesday everyone πŸ™‚


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