tired mummy!

Rubbish night sleep again!
I am aware there is a whole taboo about mums talking about how tired they are, but I just can’t help it!
Little one has not been sleeping still! All she wants is to be cuddled by me, and I tell you what it doesn’t half make for difficult sleeping!
For some reason though I have noticed that some mums like to be competitive about how much/little sleep they have had on any given day…I am not one of these people! Generally I am a lousy sleeper, so I am (kinda) used to functioning without it…but it is much more difficult when you are trying to grow another person  🙂  because as many mums know sleeping before baby is born is kinda important!
But teething babies have no control over their pain unfortunately… Which sucks!

Well I had another scan this week…due to medications I take for epilepsy…just to check the growth is all normal. Thankfully everything is fine, all good..and he is still a he!! I checked 🙂

also I think its a good idea to post my photo a day photos…just while I am here 🙂

Thursday – something I learned –

Friday – good – blueberry muffin…yummy!!

Saturday – money – good old chocolate coins!!

Today – egg – what came first???

Thats all from me today 🙂

Enjoy your weekend


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