Forgive me for my absence in posting just lately.

I have been feeling a little down the last few days.
My midwife rang me on Thursday, to tell me I need to take antibiotics due to the fact that I have group b streptococcus. Apparently it is quite a common bacteria that most women carry…ironically that fact doesn’t make me feel better.
I am now really scared because my poor little boy can contract it from me during labour and it can make him really poorly.
It also means I have to be hooked up to an IV during labour to have more antibiotics… Which will hopefully mean that her will be ok. However, my labours have never exceeded 7 hours which will prove tricky for the they want to give them every four hours! If they can’t give them all to me then my poor little man has to have an IV 😦
So this next 8 weeks are going to be nothing more than stressful and scary. I can’t help but think its my fault..could I have prevented it?
I am absolutely terrified that I am going to make my baby ill!
Not only that but I am going to have to leave my babies and stay in the hospital for a few days 😦
I know I am probably being a bit overly stressed, but I can’t help it..its how I am.

You’ll forgive me for my rather uncheery post today 🙂
Hope you enjoy your day.


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