week 36…nearly there

Now you will have to excuse me for moaning…
But oh my word, the pain this last week has been utterly unbearable.
These last few weeks of pregnancy are the worst ones…mainly due to the baby moving down.
So you get aching back, painful legs, aching pelvis, braxton hicks etc..
I enjoy being pregnant, but all these pains I have had are new to me…I know its my 3rd baby!
I am starting to think that our little man may be making an early appearance… Trust me I would not mind.
I have all the stuff I need..I hope!
I only have 3 weeks to go…hoping it will be less 🙂  but who knows babies come when they want to don’t they!
I just hope that I stop feeling so ill soon, because I pride myself on being the only one in our house that doesn’t really get poorly. So for me its torture..although I still have my mummy duties to attend to irrespective 🙂
Were I male I would be lying on the sofa moaning and groaning that I was dying haha!!!
And on that note I bid you adieu 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekends


being a mum

I read a post this morning on fatmumslim.com.au
And I felt compelled to write something about it.
I wrote a comment on it but can’t find it, so I hope she reads this.

I am bothered by people who judge
It is not our place to judge people
I have spent a lot of my life on the receiving end of peoples judginess (its a word!)

As a mother it is not easy to ask for help, for fear of being ridiculed.
Because there will always be thast one person that feels you are being ridiculous and need to suck it up.
It only takes one comment to make you feel like garbage.

My friends tell me to ask them for help if I need it
Which is so lovely
And I really appreciate it
But I am always to afraid to ask

Reading the post this morning has put further fear into not wanting to ask.

But I have a few things to add to this fear, that I hope may help to dissipate it

I am a mother, we know this
I am probably still considered a young mother (just turned 28)
But I feel that we as mums do so much
We are cooks, nurses, cleaners, teachers, cuddlers among other things..as well as wives
We have a lot of jobs to do, being a mother is not easy
It is a wonderful and fulfilling job, but hard.

I am a full time mum
And currently (in the uk) this title is considered a cop out
Basically, you are considered to be lazy, jobless and tax seeking

But why?!

I don’t understand this

Mums never stop
There job is never done
I spent a day in hospital this week, and spent the whole time texting my husband to make sure the girls were fed, watered, entertained and rested
Not once did I think about my own rest

That is what a mum does
They put everyone else first

I think the most wonderful, fulfilling job you can do is being as mum
Sure, I worry about taking them out for dinner in case they make a scene…I give them the same food three days in a row due to lack of creative brain function.. But I don’t see this as a problem
I have felt the mind numbing repetitiveness of getting up every few hours to a crying baby
But its ok
Its ok to ask for help

I don’t know you personally chantelle
But as a fellow mum
I am hear for you
Rant to me if you like
Sometimes there is nothing better than a good rant

Have a happy Sunday

dear Ariana – 14 months


Well my little muffin…what can I say?!
In the last few months, you have graduated from bum shuffling, to crawling, to pulling yourself onto your feet
I always learned today that you know how to climb the stairs…quite scary…time to invest in a stairgate again me thinks 🙂
I am always blown away by how much you change everyday
By how much you have grown in the last year – you are still my little ray of sunshine
That smile you give me when I come through your bedroom door in the morning, fills me with so much joy 🙂

Never stop being that ray of sunshine 🙂

hospital trip

Well yesterday was interesting… I got to spend a day and night in the hospital maternity unit.
I really don’t like hospitals
And I really don’t like being away from my family
But they wanted to keep me in for monitoring

Now I predominantly went in with dizziness, nausea and leg numbness.
But whilst I was there, they had med on the foetal monitor and I had some pretty gnarly contractions.
Queue panicking, and talk of transferring hospitals etc.
And here I am sitting on the bed listening to them talk amongst themselves (which is really annoying) feeling immense inner panic.
Well, they eventually decided to give me steroid injections to mature the little mans lungs in case he were to make an appearance… And let me tell you something, it may just be the worst injection I have ever had! It literally went on for 5 mins!

Contractions stopped, but then made another appearance this morning…
However, they allowed me to come home thank goodness…
I don’t think I could have stayed another night, besides I am pretty sure hubby wouldn’t have coped…
Let’s just say he may have a new found respect for what I do 🙂

However, he decided to take a nap on my hospital bed…as you do 🙂

Have a good one guys

sun + fun

So we have had glorious sunshine today, it has been lovely.
However, I would have appreciated it being taken down a few notches…because let me tell you, being 8 months pregnant in searing heat is unbearable!!
I shouldn’t complain really…seeing as it’s a trick just to see the sun in Wales..but I have been dying today…
Okay thats a tad melodramatic I will admit, but heat + pregnant lady = bad things!!

On that wonderful note, it has also occurred to me that in about 2 months time Bella leaves feithrin for good…what?!
How can my baby be starting school in 4 ish months…it doesn’t seem right somehow.
I will I cope without her asking me for something every two seconds?!
Or throwing a little paddy when I say no biscuits until after dinner?

Hmm I think I will be ok!

But I will miss my little pumpkin 🙂

I can’t remember the last PAD photo I put up so I will have to come back to you on that…man I am rubbish at this!!

Ah well

Have a good weekend folks 🙂

6 weeks and counting…

I love music, but I have never been very musical.. But just recently our house is sounding like the von trapp family!!
Hubby got me an acoustic guitar for an early anniversary present… Then I got him one…then we got bella a ukulele… And Ariana has her xylophone!!
So we are trying to learn how to play…slowly… Very slowly 🙂

Also for anyone thats counting I have only 6 weeks to go until little peanut arrives 🙂
The only slight inconvenience is that we have our circuit overseer visit on the week before I am due…so you can guarantee he will arrive then 🙂
At least I am not missing an assembly 🙂

Ooh I had better post my photos aswell for the last few days…

Favourite – flower..sunflower
In the garden – bluebells
Mother – speaks for itself
Ready – …to pop

Have a good one folks,

a new pregnancy symptom!

Well I have come across a not so fun new pregnancy symptom… Toothache! And boy is it agony…
I tell you now the pain was ridiculous… Still is to be fair. But much better than it was yesterday, I was in tears on the sofa and bella was sat next to me stroking my face and telling it was ok.
It was truly adorable.
The bonus is during pregnancy we get free dental care in the UK.
So if I need any work doing it shouldn’t cost me anything.
I just really hate visiting the dentist!

Had my 33 week midwife appointment yesterday as well… Only to find little peanut is 1/5 engaged, woop!! means he is heading in the right direction at least! The downside is a severely squashed bladder…sorry tmi!
So long as he doesn’t arrive to early..but what can I do if he does?!

The last 4 prompts on May’s photo a day are as follows –
4pm – tulip time
From down low – the tree speaks for itself
From above – monkeys on the stairs
Blue – blue sky

Enjoy your weekend folks,