being a mum

I read a post this morning on
And I felt compelled to write something about it.
I wrote a comment on it but can’t find it, so I hope she reads this.

I am bothered by people who judge
It is not our place to judge people
I have spent a lot of my life on the receiving end of peoples judginess (its a word!)

As a mother it is not easy to ask for help, for fear of being ridiculed.
Because there will always be thast one person that feels you are being ridiculous and need to suck it up.
It only takes one comment to make you feel like garbage.

My friends tell me to ask them for help if I need it
Which is so lovely
And I really appreciate it
But I am always to afraid to ask

Reading the post this morning has put further fear into not wanting to ask.

But I have a few things to add to this fear, that I hope may help to dissipate it

I am a mother, we know this
I am probably still considered a young mother (just turned 28)
But I feel that we as mums do so much
We are cooks, nurses, cleaners, teachers, cuddlers among other well as wives
We have a lot of jobs to do, being a mother is not easy
It is a wonderful and fulfilling job, but hard.

I am a full time mum
And currently (in the uk) this title is considered a cop out
Basically, you are considered to be lazy, jobless and tax seeking

But why?!

I don’t understand this

Mums never stop
There job is never done
I spent a day in hospital this week, and spent the whole time texting my husband to make sure the girls were fed, watered, entertained and rested
Not once did I think about my own rest

That is what a mum does
They put everyone else first

I think the most wonderful, fulfilling job you can do is being as mum
Sure, I worry about taking them out for dinner in case they make a scene…I give them the same food three days in a row due to lack of creative brain function.. But I don’t see this as a problem
I have felt the mind numbing repetitiveness of getting up every few hours to a crying baby
But its ok
Its ok to ask for help

I don’t know you personally chantelle
But as a fellow mum
I am hear for you
Rant to me if you like
Sometimes there is nothing better than a good rant

Have a happy Sunday


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