40 weeks and then some

So here we are.
40 weeks and 2 days – I have exceeded my due date, so this pregnancy has expired..time to arrive now little man!
I hope you forgive me for saying so, but i am so ready for peanut to arrive now. I may have made a truly comfy home for him over the last 9 months, but i am so exhausted and overheated – i just need him here.
Not just for my sake , but because i am dying to meet him.
you know that feeling that you know someone so well – i have that feeling, i just want to know what he looks like.
Is he going to be fair like his sisters or dark like his dad?
brown eyes like me?
or blue eyes like daddy?
I can’t be the only mum ever to think this can I?
Surely there are others out there as impatient as I am – I mean, I have already tried several things to speed up labour…to no avail I might add.
I am also at that point now where everyone i know asks me when they see me – “have you not had the baby yet?” oh yes i have had the baby..I just like to keep a basketball under my top to remind me of how uncomfortable it is to have a full term bump!!!
Every morning my husband turns to me and says “waters gone yet?” – yes they have darling, i just forgot to tell you.
What is it with silly questions? You will forgive me for saying it, but I get this close to smacking people when they ask me daft questions like this – any woman who has been through this knows what I mean.
It gets to a point where you are frustrated anyway – and these questions just push you over the edge.
I also don’t feel like talking to anybody, although I don’t feel right not texting my friends back. So I do, but short and punchy messages.
I just feel sometimes that if i send anything too long it might bring on silly questions.
Anyway I think i need to end my pregnant lady, hormone laden rant now while i can 🙂

Hope you all have a good week
My next post will be announcing little ones arrival…so watch this space 🙂



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