four weeks…stressed!!

So apparently 4 weeks have passed already!
Its quite scary to think how fast time passes.

In such a short space of time my little man has gone from 7lb 12oz to 9lb 1oz.
I started out breastfeeding really apprehensive, because on both other occasions it has gone badly.
So far it is going well, if you don’t count the sore nipples, open cut, infection, antibiotics etc..
I mean I have been so close to giving up and putting him on formula its untrue. But nowadays if anyone puts there baby on bottles you are considered a parenting failure by the women that feel breast is best.
Both my girls survived on formula and they are perfectly formed kids. They are no worse off than a breastfed baby.
However, that being said I would like to see how long I can breastfeed for this time.
So watch this space…

I always assumed 3 kids would be tough…but boy was that an understatement!!
Hopefully it will get less stressful! I can only hope 🙂
There is only so much one person can do for them each day I suppose!

Have a good one folks 🙂


11 days old

So our little man is 11 days old already!! Eek!

He is so lovely
But quite greedy!
I am just really thankful that he feeds well.

So far so good.
Its quite scary how you forget how small newborns are
They seem so fragile…and loud!
Although at the moment he only cries when hungry!

Slight downside…I have been pee’d on quite a lot..never had this problem with the girls…boys can aim!

Still can’t get my head around the fact that we have a boy!!
Truly, insanely happy right now 🙂