depression is an illness

I realise it has been a while since I posted anything on here so please accept my apologies.

Today I want to talk about something very important that I feel is a problem for many people around the world.


Any kind of depression is crippling.
Currently I am struggling with some pretty severe post natal depression. Now normally I don’t talk about how I feel and it tends to be to my detriment. But after spending most of my morning in floods of tears on the phone to my health visitor. I came to the conclusion that people need to be made aware of what it does to a person.
The first thing she asked me was – do you want to hurt your kids? Answer – no
Second thing – do you want to hurt yourself?
Answer – yes.

Now you may read this and think I am selfish.
But thoughts are very powerful.
Sometimes so powerful that mums have gone to the point of suicide. But I thought if I didn’t pick up the phone this morning and speak to someone I would regret it.
I know there arw women out there like me that try so hard to make everyone think we can cope. Covering our feelings with a cleverly placed mask of joy. But inside we are feeling like a black hole of pain and anguish.
But I beg of you talk to someone, a friend, a loved one…do what I did and write an email to a friend so you don’t have to talk through floods of tears.
But you must, must, must get help with your emotions.

If you so wish tell people about my blog post and I will try to help anyone I can. Why should we mums suffer alone?
Be an ambassador for post natal depression if you like.

But please don’t feel you are alone.
Harder to do than say I know!

Much love

Charlotte x


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