this not goodbye, but hello

Good day all!

I will be honest, I was hoping that if I didn’t write my post that maybe blogtember wouldn’t end! I have had so much fun!

Right now I am taking 5 mins out from being mum and leaning on my kitchen counter while I do this. Don’t for a second imagine a graceful Brigitte Bardot posepose..think more exhausted lady trying hard to hold herself up due to lack of sleep! Perhaps some matchsticks holding my eyes open..

This blogtember challenge has reignited my passion for writing, so expect to see more from me in the future! I am currently working on some future plans for my blog.

I would like to thank bailey Jean – first and foremost. She created a wonderful month of thought provoking prompts that got the old grey matter working, and dusted off the memory cobwebs. Even though I may have been nervous about a certain topic, I sucked it up and did it..30 days baby!

Secondly, I am so thankful and overwhelmed by the amount of lovely people I met during this month, and can’t wait to keep in touch with.

Britney Lee –

What can I say about this lady…one of the first things she said to me was ‘I love you!’ And I was like aww that is awesome. We are like the same person..the way we think โ˜บ she is wonderful, lovely, funny and crazy weird (in a good way obviously)

Helen –

So, so glad I can across her blog! I will be an avid reader. She is a strong, kind hearted and inspirational lady. I love the way she writes…from the heart.

Bess –

Bess, bess, bess what can I say. You are wonderful! I feel close to you even though there is an ocean between us. I love how you think and how you write. I think you are so awesome!

Lizelle –

Another lady who I find inspirational. A beautiful, loving, kind lady. Her writing makes me think. I love how she words things.

Not forgetting, liane ( heather ( Amber (

I for one can’t wait until the next challenge that bailey Jean creates, I will be reasfing her blog everyday. I just hope there isn’t a vlog challenge next time!

Let me leave you with something that made my heart soar today


So for now its so long, but not goodbye.

Have a mischievous Monday โ˜บ



blogging ideas

Wowee my second post for today…check me out!

I consider myself almost like a ‘toddler’ blogger. In the sense of I have been doing this for a year and I think I am still finding my niche… I kinda know what I write about…I think..hmm!

I think I am still discovering the ways and means of blogging.

However, ย here are some tips for those just starting out in the old blogging field.


1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself –

I think it is very important that when you write, you do so from the heart. You should also weave your personality into your posts. Giving people a chance to see who the person is that is writing the blog.

2. Blog design –

You want to start out with a nice simple template for your blog. When I first started on blogger there were themes that I wanted to use but I bided my time for a while so to speak. I wanted to have people focus on my words and not blind them too much glitter โ˜บ

Things that need to work on –

1. My blog vision –

I would like to start organising my blog a bit more. I sometimes feel like I twist myself in a few too many directions and I would like to focus on a few certain areas. I think my main issue is that my brain just goes ooh let’s write about this today or I just can’t think of anything. So I need to sit down and properly rack my brains and write some lists.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I have just recently made the move from blogger to WordPress, so I am getting used to a new set up and themes etc. So that is one of my blogging wishes down ๐Ÿ’œ

I also try to make it a point to write from my heart. I have always said I am a heart on my sleeve kinda lady, which I think helps me to fit a certain writing mold…I could be wrong.

I look forward to seeing what your tips are!


The circle – September 2014

Good day everyone!

So I can across something on which I must admit sparked my interest…so this is me jumping on board so to speak.

picture day :)

This monthly link up is all about autumn believe it or not! Or fall as the lovely Americans call it โ˜บ

1. Favourite fall fashion/clothing item?

Ok call me a cheaty pants if you must…but I am choosing 2 items โ˜บ it has to be a warm, woolly jumper and tan coloured boots! What else can you wear whilst crunching through the fallen leaves?!

2. Favourite fall drink?

Hmm I must admit here in the UK there is not much hype over autumn drinks. However I am quite partial to a hot chocolate with marshmallows โ˜บ

3. What’s something on your fall bucket list?

To take more family walks. I know the turning weather isn’t an ideal tyime for walking but hey ho!

4. Favourite fall recipe?

Hmm! Again not something I have ever thought about, however I love making one pot chicken with roasties and yorkshire puddings! which is lovely and warming at this time of year.

5. Halloween candy or pumpkin spice latte?

Well I have never tried a pumpkin spice latte… But I adore coffee! Not a huge fan of sweets to be honest..shocking I know! So I am going to say Latte!

6. Favourite fall smell?

It has to be the smell of a roaring fire!

7. Favourite fall holiday?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the UK doesn’t have any fall holidays.. Boring I know!

8. Whast is fall weather like where you live?

Currently, its misty and rainy. To be honest it doesn’t really stop it just gets wetter and windier boo!


So there you have it.

I hope you all join in, next month is about books!! Yay my paper friends โ˜บ


little high, little low

Ah September… I hardly knew ye!

You have only just begun…and now we are on the 28th already!


So let’s see –

September highs –

Discovering a new blogtember challenge

My baby girl started school

Hubby brought me sunflowers… Made me smile

James smiled for the first time!

We grew our first radishes โ˜บ

The start of autumn..hello woolly jumpers!


September lows –

After several years of friendship, a friend of mine has cut me out of their life. This hurt me deeply.

My baby girl started school – this is both a high and a low for emotional reasons.

My depression hit a pretty big low – now I have to see a specialist

The hoover exploded!

James had his vaccinations ๐Ÿ˜ข

So there you have it my month of September highs and lows…let me leave you with some advice that I need to heed…images (2)

What about you guys?

Have a sunny Sunday




when you wish upon a pinterest

Good day all!

I am saddened by the fact that blogtember is ending soon! ๐Ÿ˜” anyone fancy blogtober?!

I really hope bailey Jean creates another challenge next year! Thoroughly enjoyed by me.

Anyway, on with the show!

There is nothing quite like an afternoon on pinterest to make my heart ache for things ๐Ÿ˜Š

I had quite a lot of fun going ooh I want this…ooh that looks nice..aww so cute must have it!


So basically these are several must buy items for me at least! I am particularly in love with camera strap and the red dress! I am really into 1950’s fashion..there you go something else you didn’t know about me ๐Ÿ˜Š


And who doesn’t need a mason jar light fixture?! I saw it and I was like..SOLD!!

What about you guys? What’s on your wish list??

Have a super Saturday,


everybody changes


How have I changed in 12 months?

Again bailey Jean you have given me another head scratcher! I mean talk about dusting the cobwebs out of the old memory bank! So let me see, have I changed…in certain aspects yes.

I only had 2 children last year

Now I have one in school..never thought that would happen.

I have come to the realisation that my freckles are not going to join together to make a big tan…sigh!!

I am a red head and proud! (This is a change from hating my hair)

After a long time of thinking I am weird, I now know I am an introvert. As it seems are a lot of the bloggers doing this challenge. I guess we let our inner creativity shine through other aspects.

Last year I found myself in a pretty deep emotional abyss. Most days I couldn’t even see a tiny light flicker in my darkest hours. I turned to nobody…spoke to nobody. Closed myself in.

But do you know what, I may not have succumbed to my darkness and I may still feel worthless, useless, stupid..but I talk now. I am no longer afraid to ask for help. I no longer struggle alone. There is now a candle flickering in the dark. I feel stronger. Starting my blog a year ago has helped me to find my voice, creatively and emotionally. I have an outlet for my pain. I can ‘talk’ to someone without really talking, which is progress for me.

I now write posts in order to help those who like me cannot open up. Who don’t want to trouble others with their problems. I offer myself as an emotional agony aunt if you will.

Something else I feel has changed…is that I have come to the realisation that not everyone is going to like me or understand me…but do you know what its ok. I don’t need to be liked by everybody. If someone dislikes me my world is not going to implode.

There is a quote I found yesterday on good old pinterest that kinda puts into words for me how I feel about myself


This works for me. I may not see my beauty, but my heart does. I still struggle with liking myself but that is something I am working on…ask me in year.

Ooh I also now have some wonderful online bloggy friends!! Yay!

Have fabu Friday!