because I’m happy!

What makes me happy??
Many things actually, so I am going to list them for you because…well why not?! 🙂

Sunflowers, rainbows, butterflies
A child’s laugh, baby toes,
Cherry cola, sunsets, Disney movies
Iced caramel macchiato, blueberry muffins
Springtime, snowfall, bluebells
Cheese, California holidays, dolphins
Reading a book, singing loudly, cuddles
Snuggly duvets, chips and salsa, sunrise
Roasting marshmallows, family road trips
Friends, Jehovah, kingdom hope
Book of psalms, my daughters curls
A cheeky smile, music

I think that’ll do for now otherwise I may not stop and eventually bore you all to tears.

Have a Terrific Tuesday,


4 thoughts on “because I’m happy!

  1. Hello – popping back over to 'see' you and soooo glad I did! What a wonderful post (and blog!). Your flower photo at the header of your blog looks like a whole bunch of really really happy people, then I scrolled down and saw two of the most beautiful smiles, then I looked across and saw your beautiful hair and – wow! – those freckles, how beautiful! Then I started to read and was won over in an instant. Will be a regular visitor (have your blog open in a tab in Safari to explore, in depth, later….


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