me, myself and I

Good morning
I had a sudden thought this morning that its September… This time last year I did blogtember! So I decided to do a little searching for a new challenge.
I am a day late in starting but what the hey!
Here goes, for those who don’t know me I will give you the low down.

My name is charlotte, I have 3 kiddies and I am a housewife/stay at home mum.
I live in the back of beyond and nowhere in wales, where the rain is frequent and the sheep plentiful.
I enjoy having my camera surgically attached to my face, and I photograph pretty much anything
Writing is something I have always enjoyed, but writing about myself not so much.
I am a redhead who loves to dye her hair redder, with a mass of freckles and a sarcastic wit.
I am a Jehovah’s witness with a strange memory for movie trivia
My heart lies in California, but resides in the UK
I enjoy a good doodle and a classic novel.
Singing is a passion of mine and I never really stop
I love a good glass of wine ( who doesn’t ) and a bit of rubbish TV!!
In person I lack in self confidence, but writing opens me up,
I kinda wear my heart on my sleeve.

If I was to write a novel, it would be a fictional account of the things I have ever wanted to do.

Thats the most I can give you, like I said talking about myself isn’t my strong point 🙂
But I tell you what I am looking forward to blogging every day with great relish!

Have a good one folks!!


4 thoughts on “me, myself and I

  1. Totally with you on the 'writing opens me up' front and I love your idea for your novel – maybe starting to write it might put you on a path to doing all the things you'd write about??!!


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