fashion wallflower

I saw today’s prompt and I was filled with immediate dread and terror…because I am not the most fashionable/clothe friendly person.
That being said mind you, there are certain things I can cope with –
My personality is pretty low key…ha!!
Ok ok – I am all about colour blocking and bright colours

I have always been of the idea that coloured clothing allows you to express yourself in ways that you otherwise wouldn’t.
I mean right now I am wearing a fuschia pink best top, and hot pink headphones! Yes I know I am as subtle as dynamite on a quite night.
But bear with me..I am going somewhere with this I promise.
Like I was saying, I believe fully in allowing your clothing to express your personality…so go ahead dig out your brightest T-shirt and wear it with pride. Buy those red shoes you have been eyeing up..put on that hot pink lipstick! Be who you are not who others want you to be.
When you brave the colour, think of me doing the same thing!
We shall all be rainbow people šŸ™‚

Now to the trend I don’t like…leggings!!
Be they plain, pleather or patterned…I just dislike them with a passion.
I am at a loss as to why people wear them, I mean let’s be honest they area not flattering are they!
But if you must wear them, please put a long top on..ladies modesty is the best way to go. We don’t all need to see everything.

Have a thoughtful Thursday

7 thoughts on “fashion wallflower

  1. I love bright colors, and mixing and matching them. They are definitely a good way to express yourself!

    I do wear leggings, though, only under dresses or skirts of course! On chilly days they'll keep my legs a lot warmer than tights and still let me wear my dresses, so I'm a fan!


  2. Love your post (I was also a bit intimidated by the prompt!)….in total agreement about clothes allowing you to express yourself….also wondering how on Earth leggings manufacturers manage to sell so many leggings as pretty much every Blog-tember-er that's linked up has said they despise leggings! Or are we some completely non-random sample??!!


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