I am an introvert.
What’s interesting is that reading the details more thoroughly makes it even more apparent to me.
I have always been uncomfortable in big groups. I am much happier in a smaller group or even just me and a friend.
Growing up I always wanted to be a performer, but I always hid in the background. Even when someone asked me to perform I would just nervously not answer. I guess I wasn’t your typical performing arts student. I never wanted to be centre of attention.
Even now I feel weird if someone says to me ‘ you have a lovely singing voice’ I just look at them funny and say ‘ oh…thanks’

The people that know me well know that I am not as outgoing as I perceive.

My type is ISFJ – introvert sensing feeling judging

I have read different bits on this personality type today through Google and pinterest – and its almost as if someone has gone into my mind and written my thoughts down!!

They feel as though they can’t do anything right – now I spend most days feeling this way or saying this sentence – even if people praise me its almost as if I don’t want to believe them.
I find it hard to make friends, but when I do I am very, very loyal. One of my close friends was feeling down so I went out brought her a gift and made her a card to cheer her up. I like to go out of my way to help out people in any way I can without needing anything back in return. It’s not about getting something back but helping others to feel better. I love my friends deeply and would be there for them at the drop of a hat. During school muy friends knew this and I was treated like a doormat for my troubles
But one thing I couldn’t do for them is any kind of conflict!! I cannot cope with that kind of situation, I have never been able to. I get all weird and floopy!

But do you know what I am getting used to the kind of person I am, just.
I get to count Cinderella, katniss everdeen and Kate Middleton in my personality group…can’t be so bad can it!

Have a terrific Tuesday


2 thoughts on “ISFJ

  1. Had meetings pretty much back to back the last few days so no time… just coming to comment….
    It's really quite scary how many of us Blog-tember-ers are introverts….and I could have written most of your post myself if I were describing myself, particularly the bit about helping people out in any way you can and the bit about hating conflict….it's so nice to know I'm not actually a weirdo, that there are others out there like me!


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