good feelings

This is a hard prompt for me.
I rarely feel good about myself.
If I am honest I nearly didn’t write anything for today, as I have been having a terrible day mentally.
But I have tried very hard to get 10 things that I love about myself…so here goes.

1. I can draw a little – I have never been particularly arty. But on the odd occasion I have drawn some Disney characters for my daughter. It makes me feel really good.

2. My hair – its taken me a long time to feel good about my hair. In school my hair was something that was mocked on a daily basis. I have had people make nice comments on my hair before. When I worked in sales I had this man say to me wow you have lovely hair, you must be Irish 🙂 at 28 I have just learned to love it.

3. My ability to go to the beach and always bring shells home – there is something wonderful about finding a lovely shell, all clean and pretty. I love filling my home with beach shells.

4. I have a good memory for movie trivia – anyone that knows me knows I adore movies. But I can remember really random, useless bits of info on certain films. For example, someone can mention a film and I would know who starred in it. But I love this part of me, its nice and quirky.

5. My freckles – again this is a new development. I always hated how pale I am, that I can go on holiday and come back looking the same. I always hoped that one time they would all join together and make a nice big tan 🙂  but do you know what, they make me unique. They make me who I am and I wouldn’t be without them. Plus in summer I get more…result!

6.  My name – my dad chose my name. After I was born, they were deciding on a name and dad picked Charlotte. It’s a lovely thing that I can use to remember dad, even though he isn’t here. Funny thing about my name is that people look at you funny..and say ‘Charlotte…bit posh innit??’
7.  I can read pretty fast – much to the annoyance of my hubby, because he is a bit of a slow reader. It has its upsides, like when I borrow a library book or 4! 
8.  My doodles for distraction – when I feel sad or low ( which is very often) I like to doodle. Just recently I got a new notebook with plain covers and I am enjoying putting random doodles on it. It just means I can look at it and for a small amount of time feel cheerful in myself.
9. My accent – everyone loves a good British accent right?! I have never understood the fascination myself..but I have one 🙂 to be honest I love a good Irish accent! Really scrummy on a man! Oops sorry! I also really like an American accent, I tend to stare when I hear one 🙂 
10. My relationship with Jehovah – it has developed gradually of the past 6 years. I am so grateful for all that he has provided me with. There is nothing that I enjoy more than learning more about Jehovah. I work more on it each day.
There you go I made my 10. I really didn’t think I could today. It has truly challenged me. I am glad I did it though, kinda made me feel a bit better in myself.
Hope you all have a wicked Wednesday


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